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MEPHISTOPHELES - Sounds Of The End (2013) * Review

Written By Metalbleeding Corp on Sunday, October 6, 2013 | 12:17 AM

Very interested in reviewing this album, after several times hearing the album 'Sounds of the End ' by 'Mephostopheles' released October 1, yesterday.

For lovers of techniqal death, album from the band in Australia is a very nice collectible, ranging from the structure of the music that has a neat riffs, complex death with some part of jazy, as well as full of melodic.

Starting with the character of the vocal former of Psyroptic era 1999-2005 ''Mathew 'Chalky' Chalk'', very reminiscent of typical characters in the first album of Psycroptic named 'The Isle Of Disenchantment (2001)'. There are several typical scream parts of Psycroptic on this album
The dueling Riffing guitars techniqal mostly initiated all the tracks on this album, be it from the dueling riffing and Melodic progressive.   In addition, the drum beats are also balance with the Melodic guitar grooves made, along with some Bass parts that include elements of jazz.

Element of a energic guitar riffs and very melodic music set the pattern shown.  Songs like ' Silver doors ', ' Soldiers Of The End Time ', ' The End Of All the Light ', ' Battle of The Sea and Sky ' own techniqal structure.   The collaboration of the dueling Riffing guitars, drum beats that are balanced and some part of jazz on bass as well as vocals that impressed the Black character and aggressive making music of 'Mephistopheles' neater from musical structure.  When compared with 'Spawn Of Posession ' dominating possession by many of having a brutal Vocals set the rhythm of the music is very fast, very different from what's offered ' Méphistophélès ' on this album, the dueling Riffing guitars the dominant set of rhythms of the music. The music of ' The Faceless character ' little could describe their music but made more complex. When talking about the structure and flow of the music offered ' generally ' Méphistophélès can be likened to the ' Cephalic Carnage ' in their last three albums, which include elements of melodic.

Broadly speaking, the concept of the music offered by 'Mephistopheles' is a combination of Techniqal death with some Old School death dueling riffing, but 'Mephistopheles' generally combines music  make are reflective and quiet, as well as more leads to element Black Techniqal.   This seems of some melodic riffs which impressed monotonous and simple.

In conclusion, the Music offered by 'Méphistophélès to all songs, not fast should you hear the ' Spawn Of Possession ',  'Mephistopheles' more dynamic and complex in terms of deathmetal lovers rather than in terms of Techniqal, too much play the melodic monotony on the oldschool music and sound more simple than what is expected for this we listen to the Band due to Techniqal death,  ' 'Mephistopheles' seems like a lot of music that impressed the rhythm set black, and is very focused on the dueling Riffing Melodic.

'Mephostopheles' was formed in the year 2004, in Tasmania, Australia.    The Band has had two albums including the album 'Sounds Of The End''.   The theme of the lyrics they show generally tell you about the mythology and Science.  In 2006, the band then consisted of 'Ben Lawless (guitar), Sam Dowson (drums) and Jules Dowson (Bass, Vocals)' released their successful debut album ' under the label owned by ex Vocalis 'Psycroptic' 'Mathew Chalk' is called ' Southern Extremities Production '.   In this album ' Mathew ' also fill the Vocal on the song 'Deceased' and 'Deathbad'.   In 2009, ' Mathew ' officially became the Vocal and 'Mephostopheles'  preparing to record the seceond album . In addition to the debut album for ' Mathew ', the album 'Sounds Of The End' is also the first album for new Bassist ' James Excell ' who entered the year 2010.

Line Up 2013
Sam Dowson: Drums
Ben Lawless :Guitars, Vocals
Matthew "Chalky" Chalk  :Vocals
James "Blower" Excell :Bass 

 Official Media Link

250 Mercer St. 2nd Floor
Harmony, Pennsylvania
United States

P.O. Box 773
Moonah, Tasmania
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