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OUIJA - Ave Voluptatis Carnis (2013) * Review

Written By Metalbleeding Corp on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 | 12:10 AM

Ouija back exists with many doing overhoul on the music, it is clearly heard if compared to the debut album entitled ' Riding Into The Funeral Path ' in 1997.   They are trying to eliminate a little part Deathmetal in this new album.

It took us a few days to hear this album, we analyze, we compare with their debut album and finally we find feel to review this new album.   The album 'Ave Voluptatis Carnis '.  Ouija try to make the concept of the music adds a bit of their musical evolution, it looks at the structure of the music, playing the Neater Pure Blackmetal and having a rhythm harmonious very dominant . Vocal Character  is also very influential in this new album, Milgrad's Charcter is very successful bringing rhythm of the music to be more black and dark.

If traced more about their music on this new album, the entire rhythm of the music is very dynamic, aggressive and does not like monotony of their debut album.   Positive values of this album when compared to the first album is located on tempo, aggressive vocal characters as well as the placement of dynamic music line.  A few drum beats also has his own style in a set rhythm.  Some harmonic guitar part reminiscent of the early albums of the blackmetal band from Norway like 'Immortal' or 'Emperor'.

Regarding the structure of the music, the album ' Ave Voluptatis Carnis ' is a success for Ouija due to successfully recreate a pure and classic blackmetal music that we really miss.  The blackmetal classic era of the 90s like Gorgoroth, Mayhem or Immortal so made us reminisce with this album.  But in addition, Ouija should also be grateful to the three members of their new works collaborate to make music like this concept.  They include ' Aldromk ' (Bass), ' Fulgur (drums), ' Murcilag (guitar) '. All three are active in the blackmetal band called 'Spellcraft '.

On track early called 'Lords Prayer ', Ouija show the evolution 'Milgrad's characters to the listener who brought this album is getting into shades of black.   Tracks that are very suitable as opening album.   Insecond track 'The Servents Call Me ', in This Song, Ouija show the character music being pure and very classical black,  a musical composition very structured ,  grooves or rhythm very varied.    On track ''I'm not your rescuer '' reminded us on a musical composition made by bands like ' Immortal' or 'Gorgoroth' but of course played with distinctive Ouija's style, This song is really good because it adds a little Classic Melodic Thrash .   On song 'Adversary ', OUIJA try experimenting in this song, it is that they show the same on the first track but more dynamic.  Two successive song namely ' Between Candles And skulls ' and 'The Blood Centurion' have the same concept of music , the combination of a harmonic melodic Thrash and Dark Shades are increasingly reinforcing this album becomes an experimental Blackmetal Album.

Overall about this album, Ouija is very dominant playing purely blackmetal with some part of classic era 90s. In album 'Ave Voluptatis Carnis ' ,there are Aggresive Vocal Character , different with their first album.   The composition of the music's dynamic and structured, track by track extremely varied, as well as having a very strong black shades.

Track list:
01. Lord's Prayer
02. The Serpent Calls Me
03. I'm Not Your Rescuer
04. Adversary
05. Between Candles and Skulls
06. The Blood Centurión
07. Come Thy Kingdom
08. Magma

Line Up 2013
Milgrad : Vocals
Manolo: guitar
Aldromk: Bass
Fulgur: Drums
Murcilag: Guitar
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P.O.Box 666
28080 - Madrid
+34 91 815 23 83 

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