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AURORA BOREALIS announce new album will be released in March next year

Death Black Legend 'Aurora Borealis ' gives you the latest news that they have just agreed that their sixth full-length album will be released on March 1, 2014 through label 'Xtreem Music '.   The Band formed in Maryland, USA 19 years ago it still has power in their music.   This will show you their advantage again on a new album titled ' World shapers '.

The Album 'World Shapers' is a continuation of the previous album of their release that is titled ' Timeline: The Beginning and End of Everything ' of conceptual lyrics.   The Band came back telling stories of Science Fiction but not comprehensive, there are still a few lyrics that recount real life.

'World Shapers ' consists of 10 Tracks and was very touching.   Their Musical Quality do not doubt. A combination of brilliant Death and Black will re-brand apply in this album.   You'll hear touches like ' Hate Eternal, Nile, AngelCorpse ' or Emperor but collected with the typical style of 'Aurora Borealis '.   To that end, exclusively, the label released a streaming tracks that you can listen to here.

The Album 'World Shapers' was recorded in Studio 'Nightsky' and  mixing by ' Ron Vento (guitar, Vocals, Keyboards).   For art, the Band entrusted a brilliant design from 'Mike Hrubovcak' from ' VisualDarkness '.

Formed in 1994, the first time the band was founded by ' Ron Vento (vocals, Guitar) after leaving his band named ' Lestregus Nosferatus '.   Recruit 'Tony Laureano ' which is now played for several bands including ' Insidious Disease, Eulogy, Devil's Highway and Naphobia ',   'Tony' is also the former drummer of the band ' Nile, Malevolent Creation, Brujeria, Acheron '.   With 'Tony', both of which managed to release an mcd entitled ' Mansions OF Eternity '.

At the time of writing of the first full length album titled ' Praise the Archaic Lights Embrace', 'Tony' resigned to focus on his band.   'Ron' recruit 'Derek Roddy (Ex-Hate Eternal) and bassist ' Jason Ian ' who also owns U.s. Deathdoom band 'As The Sea Parts'.   This lineup lasted until they released their second full length album entitled ' Northern Lights (2000) '.    The Album ' Tim, Unveiled (2002) ' is the third full length album they release, the album globally/World released by ' Die Hard Music ' and has two different Cover versions.   In this album, 'Ron' introducing 'Tim Yeung' which is now active in ' Morbid Angel ' as Drummer.

Four years after the release of the album 'Tim, Unveiled',   'Aurora Borealis ' back into the studio, this time with 'Tony Laureano', 'Ron' introducing the Eight track on the album 'Relinquish '.   The Designer 'Mike Hrubovcak ' which is also a permanent Vocalis of 'Vile' contributed to backing vocals on this Album.   In 2011,  to return released the full fifth albums called 'Timeline ... the beginning and end of everything ',  'Ron' need drummer and bassis, originally 'Derek Roddy ' selected to fill a drum in This Album,  but due to the hectic schedule, 'Derek ' proposes to use 'Mark Green ' presumed still fresh and the personnel of the band ' The Adept and Embludgeonment '.   While The Bassist, ' Ron ' still entrust ' Jason Ian '.

During long career, ' Aurora Borealis ' successfully released six Studio albums (including 'World Shapers '), two Ep, two split albums and A Demo.

Track List:
1.  In The Beginning
2.  God Like Redemption
3.  World Shapers
4.  Induced Mutation
5.  The Oldest Of Dilemmas
6.  Watchers From Above
7.  This Is The Way They Choose To Die
8.  A Subtle Way To Eradicate Them
9.  Silent War
10.And To the Stars Returned

 Line Up 2013
Ron Vento: Vocals, Guitar
Jason Ian: Bass
Mark Green: Bass


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28080 - Madrid
+34 91 815 23 83

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