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BENIGHTED Unveils Cover art and track listing for new album

As it known, that the brutal death from French 'Benighted'  ready release the Seventh Album titled ' Carnivore Sublime' through label 'Season Of Mist'  on 14 February 2014 globally, while for the North America, 'Carnivore Sublime ' will be released on 18 February 2014.

The Album will feature Guess Vocals from the Blackmetal band from Sweden ' Shining ' i.e. ' Niklas Kvarforth ' and Brutal death band from Switzerland, Vocalis of 'Carnal Decay' i.e. ' Michael Kern '. Eleven aggressive song they have set up.   Recording, Mixing and Mastering was done starting July 2013 at Studio ' Kohkeller ' with 'Kristian "Kohle" Kohlmannslehner' and 'Kai Stahlenberg'. 

In addition to the eleven main song, 'Benighted' have also released 9 additional tracks are Four Song of Live versions, two songs from Demo versions, and three songs where  'Benighted' cover songs from bands such as ' Aborted ' are taken from the album ' Goremageddon: The Saw and the Carnage Done ' called ' Meticulous Invagination ',  then they also covered songs from ' Machine Head ' entitled 'Old' is taken from the debut album 'Burn My Eyes'.   And they cover songs from 'Rammstein ' entitled 'Du riechst so gut'.

The ninth song, will be released ' Season Of Mist ' in deluxe edition limited to 1000 units In a format digibox include cd bonus , patches, pins and posters.   In addition it will also include merchandise like ' shirts, shorts, cap '.   'Season Of Mist ' has opened the pre-order process for this Edition, you can visit it on their E-shop we would attach under this article.

A brief history of 'Benighted' began as gatherings of former some personnel from the blackmetal band  'Dishumanized, Osgiliath and Darkness Fire ' formed in Saint-Etienne, France.   Personnel was Julien (vocals), Olivier (guitar), Liem (guitar), chart (bass) and Fred (drums).

Over time, as well as consistent concept of music performed with a combination of Death and Black, 'Benighted' successfully released the First Self Tittle album and doing a lot of gigs in France, prompting label  'Adipocere Records' released their second album titled ' Psychose '.   On the album, ' Benighted ' tried to bring a more dominant concept of deathmetal with Brutal and Techniqal incorporate.   Got a good welcome, label 'Adipocere Records' again release  their third and fourth albums titled ' Insane Cephalic Production (2003) and ' Identisick ' (2006).

'Osmose Productions ' took over the fifth album entitled 'Icon' and gives the opportunity to ' Benighted ' for touring around Europe and did some performances at several big Festivals of Europe like ' Hell Fest, Neurotic Death Fest, Inferno Fest, Obscene Extreme Fest and others.   With a lot of performing in Europe, Finally the international Label 'Season Of Mist Records ' are interested release  their next album called 'Asylum Cave '.

Track List:
  1. X2Y
  2. Noise
  3. Experience Your Flesh
  4. Slaughter/Suicide
  5. Spit
  6. Defiled Purity
  7. Jekyll
  8. Collection Of Dead Portraits
  9. Carnivore Sublime
  10. Les Morsures De Cerbère
  11. June And The Laconic Solstice
 A deluxe limited edition of ‘Carnivore Sublime’ will be released in digibox format including a bonus CD, a patch, a pin and a poster. The track listing of the bonus disc is as follows:

1. Meticulous Invagination (ABORTED cover)
2. Du riechst so gut (RAMMSTEIN cover)
3. Old (MACHINE HEAD cover)
4. The Twins (live)
5. Saw it All (live)
6. Forsaken (live)
7. Nemesis (live)
8. Spit (demo version)
9. Collection of Dead Portraits (demo version)

 Line up 2013
Olivier "Gab" Gabriel :Guitars
Julien "Truch" Truchan :Vocals
Eric "Candy" Lombard :Bass
Kevin Foley : Drums
Adrien Guérin: Guitars 


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