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BRUTAL REBIRTH third Album will be release February next year

French Deathmetaller recently revealed that their third album titled 'From Despotism to Chaos' was ready released in February to come through 'Trendkill Recordings'.   After the successful release of the album ' Death Row ',  this time the ' Brutal Rebirth' takes the concept of pure deathmetal music with a touch of Oldschool Deathmetal, Brutal and fast songs.

Recording process begun in during July-August 2013 by introducing the new guitarist, who are already mature in scene metal.   He is 'Jpierre Battesti' who just form a band named 'Monument-Of-Misanthropy'.   With 'Jpierre',  'Brutal Rebirth' work hard in the 'Drudenhaus' studio with 'Neb Xort' who also works for band ' Alcest, Osculum Infame' with preparing Eight unmerciful song. Mastering process done in the studio 'Visceral Sound'.   To Cover Art, former bassis 'Troma' very large contribute in making design with 'Elusive Daeva'.   Therefore, as preparatory of this new album , 'Brutal Rebirth' give you a track called ' Despotism Prevails' that you can hear here.  

The Album 'From Despotism to Chaos' will be released by 'Trendkill Recordings' globally on March 14, 2014, while for French was released on 28 February 2014 in LP, CD and Digital.   Before that, ' 'Brutal Rebirth' will introduce this album as the opening act on the show ' Hatebreed and Napalm Death ' in Marseille.  Make sure you are there.

'Brutal Rebirth' was born in the world metal scene in 2007 in Marseille, France.   Play the music of crushing, dark and combines elements of Modern and oldschool deathmetal is the character of this band since the release of their debut album titled ' Hate Over All ' in 2008.   The Band was formed by Guitarist and Vocalis ' Rotpiet ' carrying ' Troma (Bass) and Max (Drums) ' and successful release of 10 songs from the album.

Personnel changes occur when a want released a second album entitled 'Death Row'.   This time, Bassist 'Indria' change the position of  'Troma' and Drummer 'Max' is replaced by 'Charognard'.  'Rotpiet ' also added guitarist 'Darkhyrys' to complement all the material of their second album.  This second Album is better than the first album, got a great reception from the fans and meet the expectations of fans.    The Album was also released by 'Trendkill Recordings' in 2010.

 Track List:
1.Despotism Prevails
3.The False Prophet
4.Closed in Fear
5.Into Abyssal Depths
6.Offend the Cult
7.Old Demons
8.From Chaos Disappears the Earth

Line up 2013
ROTPIET: Guitars & Vocals
FLO: Bass
JPIERRE : Guitars


 52 Rue de la République
13180 Gignac-la-Nerthe
+33 (0) 650 800 768

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