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CALIBAN announce list track and streaming a song titled 'Devil's Night'

As it known with that 'Caliban' official will be releasing a new album next year, on 24 January, to be released in Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand and Australia.   In several European countries will be released on 27 January, 2014, while for the United States, the album was released on 4 February.

Caliban has also just announced about a list of tracks for their new album ' Ghost Empire ' that you can view here.   To support the album, they've just released a song via streaming are taken from their new album titled 'Devil's Night '.

The Album will be released by 'Century Media Records '.  It will be lots of story telling about politics.   For more info, you can visit our page on

Since forming in 1997, the band has released eight studio albums, two Eps, and two split albums, ' Caliban ' also released several singles.   'Caliban' also graced the metal stages in the world world such as Europe, America and Asia.

The new Album features a style of music that is similar to the previous album ' I am Nemesis ', released last year, but a little added some new influences on their music. The Album is believed to be more dynamic and more intense and consistent.

Track List:
1. King
2. Chaos - Creation
3.Wolves And Rats
4. nebeL
5. I Am Ghost
6. Devil’s Night
7. yOUR Song
8. Cries And Whispers
9. Good Man
10. I Am Rebellion
11. Who We Are
12. My Vertigo
13. Falling Downwards (Bonus Track with Guest-Vocs. of ??? - stay tuned for more info)

 Line up 2013
Marc Görtz :Guitars
Andreas Dörner :Vocals
Denis Schmidt :Guitars
Patrick Grün :Drums
Marco Schaller :Bass

Schäferstraße 33a
Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

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