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CANCEROUS WOMB first album will come on february next year

Death Grinder 'Cancerous Womb ' is finally ready released their first album entitled ' Born Of A Cancerous Womb ' on 24 February 2014.   The Album 'Born Of A Cancerous Womb ' is the result of their struggle to prepare material for five years.  Eleven track has been prepared and will be distributed through label 'Rising Nemesis Records '.

The Deathgrind Band from Edinburg, Scotland will bring the concept of the music a more modern Deathmetal with wrap of oldschool Grind and Thrash.  Most part also incorporate many more Progresive and Techniqal.   Musical structure also gives a chance for Intense and fresh. In anticipation of this first album, ' Cancerous Womb also released a sample that you can hear here. In addition, the band has also been opening  pre-order process that you can access on

'Cancerous Womb'  found firstly by 'Mike Robertson (Guitarist) in 2005, initially only the Instrumental Project.   But in the year 2006 to 2007, Vocalis 'Chris Lewis' trying to write some songs in a serious matter and is planning to create some tracks.  To support writing this song, ' Cancerous Womb' recruiting drummer 'Paul Cook' and  managed to release their first Ep containing three tracks called ' Austrian Basement' in December 2009.    In 2011, the band managed to share  track in a split album released by label 'Condate Records' with bands such as ' Dyschapia, Colonel Blast, Magpyes and Diascorum '.   In that year, the band also added ammunition bassist named ' Joe Mortimer '.

Got good reception from metalhead through a series of performances that they do, 'Cancerous  Womb'  became spirit in writing many songs, and finally they are seriously working on a debut album.

To celebrate the Album 'Born Of A Cancerous Womb', 'Cancerous Womb' supported ' kin Hell Fest ' and 'Zero Tolerance magazine' plan would hold  launching party with bands such as ' Zombified ' and ' Foetal Juice' at studio24 in Edinburg on 22 February 2014.  Make sure you are there.

Track List:
1.     Father's Toy        
2.     Born of a Cancerous Womb        
3.     V.I.Paedophile        
4.     Up to My Nuts in Guts        
5.     Hunted to Exctinction        
6.     Grind, Tear & Slice        
7.     Austrian Basement        
8.     Menstrual Fryup        
9.     Torn from Gunt to Cunt        
10.     Tepid Decrepit        
11.     End Them

Line up 2013
Vocals - Chris Lewis
Guitar - Mike Robertson
Bass - Joe Mortimer
Drums - Paul Cook

c/o Peter Clarke
11 Ruskin Heights, Lisburn
BT27 5PT, Co. Antrim
Northern Ireland
United Kingdom

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