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CHURCH OF DISGUST - Unworldly Summoning (2014) * Review

We are very impressed with the honesty and the way the music from a new band formed three years ago.   After hearing over and over again all tracks on the first full album of death metaller from Texas 'Church Of Disgust ', we assume that they are offering a lot of shades of Doom in this album, in addition to the basic play oldschool deathmetal era 90s are very impressive.  The combination of Doom is dominating all the tracks on this album, very balanced with a very classic vocal character.    In addition, they also incorporate a lot of Crushing without putting forward modern deathmetal music style that is widely used nowadays.   In Our Opinion, 'Church Of Disgust' is one of the best bands in the last ten years an excellent rendition of the old concept of oldschool deathmetal era by adding many parts of doom in their own way without thinking of the development of deathmetal music now, For those of you who missed the music with a touch of oldschool death.

Incorporate doom early in the song, sometimes also in the middle of songs or the end of the song, and combined them with some of the typical elements of the oldschool deathmetal and Thrash, and character beats the drums very reminded us with ' Bolt Thrower ' or ' Incantation ' make their music could not be equated with any band.  This is particularly evident with some turn of tempo and rhythm in a song that is very difficult we guess.   We could hear the rhythm doom almost complete expression in the songs, but we also get to hear the rhythm of the oldschool death that appears unexpectedly while they are being played the rhythm doom.  This makes us very challenged to describe their music, we find a lot of unique and strange Tempo inside this album.

We try to discuss it more in the track by track. Start the album with an instrumental intro that they call 'The Gate' is in fact already very illustrates that this album is very mysterious.   The first song entitled ' Immemorial Lunacy ', it proves that this band has a very doom characters dominate in this album.  Proven in the initial rhythm tracks they flaunt it, a combination of oldschool death and doom have already started to appear in the middle of the song.   The end of the song, this is what we call a tempo that mystery, there's a touch of some guitar riffs with a combination of death and thrash elements a very riveting surprise you in a short time and they closed the song with the rhythm of doom.

The second track entitled 'Rotting Above Ground', changing the tempo is different from the first song, here they offer the concept of oldschool deathmetal and Thrash rhythm at the beginning of the song, nearly eighty percent of them start with an oldschool riffs and back cover songs with a touch of doom.   The third song 'Writhing Dominion' offers the concept of Oldschool death from beginning to the end of the song.   A touch of Crushing will be heard at the beginning of the next song titled ' Bound and Cast into the Depths ', a combination of doom and oldschool death offered them by the middle to the end of the song.   The song titled ' The Great Chamber ' became one of our favorites because they play pure doom without any additional elements.

After an interlude punctuated, the next song will show off their Crushing with full touch Olschool death.   The song titled 'The Opener of the Way ' also closed with a touch of doom.   The song titled ' Unworldly Summoning ' we call was the conclusion from all the songs in this album, what we call the combination of doom and oldschool death very thorough in this song, have a strong and doom characters extremely variable.

We conclude the album ' Unwordly Summoning' is a very innovative works for those of you who love the music scene especially in markedly doom or death.   We found a lot of very elegant rhythm tempos at once quirky and weird, combination of doom and Oldschool deathmetal applied properly, and to be honest we were very impressed with their honesty and their vision in their music. We particularly like to call their musical style with Doom Death.   Although their music is thoroughly not quickly, but they have their own character, without any compromise in making music, so kill the mainstream and has the classic touches. Make sure you get this album to be released through the label ' Momento Mori ' on 1 January 2014.

'Church Of Disgust ' formed in the town named ' San Markos ' in Texas, United States in 2010.  They managed to release an Ep entitled 'Invocation Of Putrid Worship' in 2012 through the label ' Filthy Cave Records ' having previously released demo.   The Band consists of 'Joshua Bokemeyer (drums); and ' Dustin James (Guitar, vocals) brought a message of death and horror in their lyrics.   The Album 'Unworldly Summoning ' produced in the 'Moontower' Studio and Artwork to cover album wholly designed by  'Igor 'Abigor' Mugerza'.

Track List:
1.     Intro (The Gate) 00:47   instrumental
2.     Immemorial Lunacy 04:52    
3.     Rotting Above Ground 03:03    
4.     Writhing Dominion     03:06    
5.     Bound and Cast into the Depths     02:37    
6.     The Great Chamber 06:15    
7.     Interlude     01:35   instrumental
8.     The Opener of the Way     03:25    
9.     Unworldly Summoning     07:53    

Line up 2013
Joshua Bokemeyer :Drums
Dustin James:Guitars, Vocals


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