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DELIRIUM MENTAL streaming song of their first Ep 'Imajinasi Tak Bertuhan'

Indonesian Oldschool Deathmetaller 'Delirium Mental' has just released their mini album called ' Imajinasi Tak Bertuhan ' which was released on November 8, 2013 and then through the label ' Waar Productions '.   The Album contains 5 tracks and could've ordered on the site ' Waar Productions '.
To support the album, the band has also released a song titled 'Infeksi Buta Jiwa ' via streaming that you can hear here.   The Album was widely dominated by thrashy riffs and combined with style oldschool deathmetal with very nice and neat. ' Imajinasi Tak Bertuhan ' was recorded in 'Core Recording' studio during  in 2012.
'Delirium Mental' formed in 2009 in Tangerang, Indonesia.   At the beginning, the band consists of 5 members namely ' Arifin (drums), Amim (guitar), Akbar (bass), Tole (vocals), Putu (vocals). However, in early 2010, ' Tole ' resignation, and the band recruited bassist ' Edwin ', and from then on 'Delirium Mental' using one vocal, and position of  'Akbar' being a guitarist.   Through this personnel, they released two singles titled 'Sistem Otak ' and ' 'Terkonspirasi Laknat Setan'.
Personnel changes happen again in 2012, when it was 'Akbar (Guitar)' resign.  To add to the completeness of the personnel, the band recruited a new line-up called 'Master'.   Rotation of personnel is carried out, then 'Arifin' play bass while her position was given to the 'Master (drums), ' Edwin ' who previously played Bass moved the position of a guitarist.   During the recording process, The vocalis ' Putu' resign, and ' Arifin ' remaining Vocals in the recording sessions.
In making musical composition, 'Delirium Mental' many inspired by bands like 'Grave, Obituary, Death, Slayer or Metallica'.   And they have a good vision music  by many take style of deathmetal era 80s. 
Track list:
1. Sistem Otak
2. Ambisi Penuh Distorsi    
3. Imajinasi Tak Bertuhan
4. Sumpah Serapah
5. Infeksi Buta Jiwa
 Line up 2013

c/o Susilo W
P.O. Box 606
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Banten - Indonesia
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