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EMBLUDGEONMENT Streaming Video lyrics titled ' Intrusive Pure O ' taken from the debut album ' Infinite Regress '.

As it known that brutal death from New Jersey ' Embludgeonment ' very ready released their debut album titled ' Infinite Regress ' a few more days, exactly on 29 December 2013 through the label ' Ungodly Ruins Production '.   For more details about this album, you can visit our page

After the release of a teaser a few days ago, this time ' Embludgeonment ' gives you a video lyrics titled ' Intrusive Pure O ' that you can view here. The combination of Brutal Death with a touch of slamming you can enjoy on this song. Blasting and neatly balanced views, combined with some elements techniqal riff performed extremely well on this song.

The first Album entitled 'Infinite Regress' began the recording process in May until September and then in the studio ' Nightsky Recording ' with ' Ron Vento'.   The process of Mixing began in October is also in the same studio.   Talking about the composition of the music they offer,  the album ' Infinite Regress ' will have guitar riffs and drum are very quick and Crushing.   For the Cover art, the band really entrust entirely to the reliable designer 'Jon Zig'.  'Infinite Regress' will be a highly anticipated album and highly expected its presence by Extreme Music lovers in the world.

'Embludgeonment' is formed in 2009 in New Jersey on the initiative of some of the personnel are very mature in the deathmetal scene.   Including ' Mike Mayo (Guitar) who played for ' Waking Cadaver', 'Mark Green (drums)' who comes from ' Aurora Borealis ' and former drummer of 'Pyrexia' , then Ken England (vocals) from the Techniqal Deathmetal Band ' The Adept' and 'Lee Cozens (Guitar) ' who is also the former Guitarist of 'Pyrexia'. 

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