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FREQUENCY releases teaser for their new album which releases February 2014

Melodic Death metaller from Spain 'Frequency' ready with their second release titled 'The Flow'. Their second Album will be released by the label ' Izkar Producciones ' February 2014 and be accompanied by a tour to support the album.

The Album contains 15 tracks and the production was recorded in the studio 'Sadman' in Madrid, Spain, and the process of mastering in 'Finnvox' studio conducted in Finland with 'Mika Jussila '.  The cover Design was done by 'Phlegeton Art Studio'.   As anticipation of this album, 'Frequency' released a teaser that you can hear here.

'Frequency' formed at Albacete, Spain in 2006 that it was composed by James Barber ( vokal ) , Juan Ángel López ( gitar ) , David Canizares ( gitar ) , Paul Gomez ( Bassist ) , Ignacio Merino ( drum ) and Rafael Martinez ( keyboard ).

The Band successfully released the first demo entitled 'Oniric (2006) and following  'Prime' in 2009. Feel the music concept has matured, and they are preparing for their debut album, writing in the studio 'Sadman' mid-2011, and the success release the album in the end in 2011 and then through by label 'Susperia Records'.   The First Full Album titled 'Rotten Empire' gets a big welcome from the connoisseur of melodic death.   But this success without the guitarist 'Rafael Martínez' who quit the band in 2010.

New Album 'The Flow' is also the debut for their new guitarist named 'José Luis Tobarra' which replaced the position of ' David Canizares ' left the band at the end of the year 2012 as being concept  new album ' The Flow '.

Regarding the list of details about the track info and more, we will notify you the next, so Stay tuned.

 Line up 2013
Santiago Barbero - Vocals
Juan Angel López - Guitar
José Luis Tobarra - Guitar
Pablo Gómez - Bass
Ignacio Merino - Drums

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