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GEGGAR OTAK is ready to release their debut album titled ' Avaricious Creature"

We came to bring good news from Indonesian Deathmetaller ' Geggar Otak' who  ready released their debut album titled 'Avaricious Creature' was planned to be released the end of this year via labels ' Brutal Infection Records '.

Fourteen years career on the stage of national metal instead of a short time to prepare a music complex and extremely variable, with many entering techniqal touches but does not eliminate the purity of Deathmetal.  This year was the year of pride for the band that formed in Nganjuk, Indonesia.

After the successful release demo in July and containing four songs, this time they are present by giving a fresh musical concepts through their debut album titled 'Avaricious Creature.  'Avaricious Creature ' told a lyric form of the social concept of the greed of the powerful leaders, the corruptor and not accountable to the people.

It's high time their appalling worlds with the debut album entitled 'Avaricious Creature'.  To that end, ' Geggar Otak ' provide a demo version in the format track taken from the new album with the title ' All Hope Is Fake', that you can hear here.

The Label 'Brutal Infection Records' has now opened the pre-order process includes free posters and stickers that you can check on their facebook.   Remember, this album as planned only provided for 500 pieces of course around the world.   For the album Artwork, entirely entrusted to ' BvllMetalArt '.

 Line up 2013
Voc : Yonky
Guitar : Ezza
Guitar : Dedy
Drum : Avaness


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 Palmerah Jakarta Barat 11420

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