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GRAVEBORNE announces new album details

Recently, Blackmetaller From Finland 'Graveborne ' announced that the second album called  'Through the Window of the Night' ready released on 20 january 2014 .   The Album will be released by the label 'Seance Records'  internationally.   This Album will contain 9 tracks full of evil and darkness and without compromise, brought the concept of pure blackmetal era 90s, some part of the rhythm of some bands such as Marduk or Dark Funeral will coloring the amountof track in this album.

In anticipation of the album, a few days ago, ' Graveborne ' has also released streaming of a sample song titled 'Tiesi Päähän' can be heard here.

The Album was recorded in several studios by 'Pentele (drums) and Marchosias (Guitar)' for the year 2012.   For the process of mixing and mastering was done by ' Jarno Hänninen' at D-Studio in April to May 2013.   The Album also featured Guess Vocal 'K-2T4-S' on track 'Pyhää Verta'.   For the Affairs of  artwork, 'Graveborne entrust the design entirely to ' Markus Raisanen'.

'Graveborne' statement concerning the concept of the music on this album, 9 track will have endless melodies, with a combination of pure blackmetal era 90s, create a dark atmosphere in every track and be more distortion.

'Graveborne' born of the darkness in 2008 in Helsinki.  Formed by two personnel ' Pentele and Marchosias ' and recruiting Brutalust (guitar), Kalmo (bass) and Raivo (vocals) to create a concept of a pure Blackmetal, energic and adapted from blackmetal the 90s era .

'Astride Over The Grave' is their first Ep release, limited to only 200 copies sold and got a warm welcome from Blackmetaller and proven this Ep sold out.   The Album was again released in the Vinyl version by label 'Floga Records ' in 2010.

After a two-year break.  In 2011, the band returned to the studio and released the first studio album which was released by the blackmetal label from Greece 'Nykta Records '.   The Album entitled ' Pure Negativity' displays new Vocalis ' Raato '.  The Album was given a very good reception from the fans.  Album containing eight track aggressive, quick and full of touch is melodic who blasphemes successful creating a very dark to the audience. 

Now ' Graveborne ' born again and will create darkness again made the listener through an album that will be coming next year.

Track List:
1.     Burn the City of God
2.     Tiesi Päähän
3.     Root of Evil
4.     Misericordia
5.     Into the Abyss
6.     In the End I Find My Beginning
7.     Pyhää Verta
8.     Todkrieg
9.     Men Behind the Sun

Line up 2013
Raato - Vocals
Marchosias - Guitar
Brutalust - Guitar
Kalmo - Bass
Pentele - Drums

P.O Box 335 Annandale
Sydney, New South Wales

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