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HARLOTT about the first album entitled 'Origin'

Punishment 18 Records ' recently announced it will distribute the band's first album of Autralian thrasher 'Harlott' entitled ' Origin ' in Europe and North America. It is a pride to create ' Harlott ' because their first album would be heard globally.  'Harlott' reveals that 'this is an honor for us to collaborate with the special handle thrash bands label ' Punishment 18 Records '.

The Album 'Origin' was successfully released on 9 November 2013 and then independently. It contains 12 Tracks by bringing the energetic concept of fast and aggressive music.  The recording process of the album was done in studio ' Monolith ' with an experienced producer handle thash Melbourne bands, namely ' Chris Themelco '.   In anticipation of this album, 'Harlott' have also released a single entitled ' Export life ' via stream that you can hear here.

Bring the influence of the music of the Bay Area Thrash style of the 80s, the band formed in Melbourne, Victoria has had two Ep namely 'Virus' released in 2011 and ' None ' released in 2012. ' Harlott' is also introducing  a new guitarist 'Ryan Buttler' replaces 'Pat O'neill ' who resigned from the band at the end of the year 2012.   Based on skill, ' Ryan ' has been very suitable in position of guitar and has been doing a lot of the action in some of the performances are done by 'Harlott '.

In the album 'Origin',  'Harlott ' many tell of the human condition for their theme lyrics .   In addition, 'Harlott' is one thrasher should be reckone.

Track List:
1. Origin
2. Effortless Struggle
3. Ballistic
4. Heretic
5. Export Life
6. Heirophobia
7. Kill
8. Infernal Massacre
9. Regression
10. Virus
11. Ultra Violence!
12. Not Long For This World

line up 2013
Tom Richards:Bass, Vocals (backing)
Dan Van Twest :Drums
Andrew Hudson :Guitars (lead), Vocals (lead)
Ryan Butler :Guitars (lead) 

Casella Postale 74
13836 Cossato (BI)

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