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INFERI announce new album will release 28 january 2014 and release official video lyrics called ' destroyer'

Melodic Deathmetaller ' Inferi ' recently announced it will be releasing their third studio album titled ' 'The Path Of Apotheosis' the 28th of January, 2014 through the label 'The Artisan Era'.   All the recording process has finished and the band has opened the pre-order through their website which we will attach under this article.

'Inferi' prepare eleven tracks on the album are in the mixing and mastering by ' Logan Bennett ' which also handles the album from the bands ' Fallujah ' and was completed in November.  The new Album will also feature a guest vocals 'Stevie Boiser' from 'Vale of Pnath' and Matt from Xanthochroi.  Matt has also assisted Malcolm (Guitar/Vocal) and Mike (Guitar) with the orchestration parts

In an outline, 'Inferi' build concept music of melodic death metal was amazing.   Combination melodic very dense and having rapid riffs and intense.   In every album them, there is a an arranger who very alluring. Contained melodic rhythms very beautiful and very comfortable be heard. 

'Inferi' formed in 2005 in Tennesse, USA.   The Band has released three studio albums, including albums that will be released January later.   Their second Album entitled ' The End Of An Era ' in 2009, so have a good impression of the metalhead.   The struggle to penetrate the label finally achieved now, after eight years of his career in the world of metal scene.   To that end, specifically we provide a video lyrics taken from their first album which will be released later today titled 'Destroyer '.   Previously, ' Inferi ' have also released a teaser that will also we provide for you hear.

Track List:
1.     Those Who from the Heavens Came
2.     The Promethean Kings
3.     A Betrayal Unfortold
4.     Wrath of the Fallen One
5.     The Ophidian Form     05:48    
6.     Prelude to a Perilous Fate
7.     Destroyer
8.     Onslaught of the Covenant
9.     Marching Through the Flames of Tyranny
10.     The Ancients of Shattered Thrones
11.     The Path of Apotheosis

line up 2013
Vocals: Josh Harrell
Guitar / Vocals: Malcolm Pugh
Guitar: Mike Low
Bass: Nevin O'Hearn
Drums: Jack Blackburn


The Artisan Era
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