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INFEST started recording the fourth album in January next year

Deaththrasher from Serbia recently signed an agreement for new album with the label ' Xtreem Music '.   Recording will commence January 2014 and the plan, they will release the album in April 2014. To promote this album, the band also plans to hold a European tour in may 2014.

For the album Cover and track list, to be released in February next year, precisely after the recording process of the album is finished and we will inform you about this, so Stay Tuned.   Along with the recording process later, 'Infest' has also introduced a new Bassist named 'Warlust' replaces the position of 'Khil' out of band last June.

The story of 'Infest' began in 2003, when it was ' Vandal (rhythm guitar/vocal), David (solo guitar), Anta (bass) and Dušan (drums) formed in Jagodina, Serbia.   Bringing the concept of music with a mix of Oldschool Deathmetal and Thrash,  'Infest' succeeded in creating the first demo entitled ' Inquisition '.   However, when recording, 'Ante' withdrew due to join the compulsory military service. This position was temporarily entrusted to 'Ivan Petrović' which is also the bassist for the band ' Alister '.

In 2004, 'Anta' back to the band and started performing in some festival events in the area.   The return of 'Anta', make 'Infest' return released a demo entitled ' Time To Die ' was released in 2005. First studio Album entitled ' Anger Will Remain ' began to be recorded, but during the recording, ' David' and 'Anta' out of band, and 'Vandals' took over the position of bassist for recording sessions, while for the position of the guitar, temporary recruiting 'Kozeljnik and Demonetras' which is two guitarists from Blackmetal band ' May Result '.   As a result, their debut album has shades of dark and feels very blasphemous.

When start recording for the second album, 'Dusan' resigned from the band due to personal problems. His position is immediately replaced by the Blackmetal band's drummer from 'Simargal' named ' 'Zoran Dragojevic aka Zombie'.   With 'Zombie', 'Infest' successfully released an Ep entitled ' Christ Denial ' in 2008 and the second Album titled 'Onward to Destroy' in 2009.   'Onward to Destroy ' is unforgettable album for ' Infest'  particularly 'Vandal ' who worked together to record a song titled ' Screaming From Within' with the legend of Deathmetal Vocalis of  'Sinister' i.e. 'Aad Klooserwaard '. 'Infest' also inviting the backing Vocalis from Vader's album called 'Welcome to the Morbid Reich' named 'Harry Maat '.   As well as inviting vocalis ' Krstu je Kraj ' from Blackmetal band 'May Result'.

The third Album entitled 'Everlasting Genocide' is also a good reception from the fans.   The Album was released independently by several labels such as: 'Grom records (Serbia), Butchered Records ( USA), Zero Budget ( Czech Republic) and Terror Blast ( Macedonia).   To remind you, we will provide streaming full-length album that you can listen to here.

'Infest' has the concept music which can be known with a mix of Thrash metal and Deathmetal balanced at each of their songs as well as having a fast riffs, aggressive and intense.   In composing the music, 'Infest' also affected some parts of the rhythm on bands such as ' Death Angel, Testament or Slayer '.   This fourth Album is definitely very highly anticipated by fans Thrash or  Deathmetal.

Line Up 2013
 Tyrant :Guitars (lead)
Zoran "Vandal" Sokolovic :Vocals, Guitars   
Zombie :Drums
Warlust :Bass 


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28080 - Madrid
+34 91 815 23 83

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