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LAY DOWN ROTTEN announce a list of tracks for the album 'Deathspell Catharsis'

'LAY DOWN ROTTEN' certainly ready to release an album on 27 January 2014 in the UK and Europe via labels ' Apostacy ' Records.   The Album titled 'Deathspell Catharsis' will also be released in North America on 11 February 2014.

This new Album is the first album to be released by the label Apostasy Records. Their previous three albums 'Reconquering The Pit (2007) ', 'Gospel Of The Wretched (2009) and 'Mask Of Malice (2012)' success was released by Metalblade Records and very good acclaim from fans.    To that end, the fans were able to see a list of tracks from the album ' Deathspell Catharsis here.

To an album cover, Lay Down Rotten entrust to 'Toshihiro Egewa' who ever design album of bands like cryptopsy, defeated sanity, krisiun and more.

Track List:
1.     Cassandras Haunting     07:15     
2.     Deathspell Catharsis     04:43     
3.     Schaedelberg     05:57     
4.     The Fever     05:52     
5.     Zombiefied Electrified     04:32     
6.     Among the Ruins of a Once Glorious Temple     05:06     
7.     Infernal Agony     04:55     
8.     Blood on Wooden Crosses     04:27     
9.     Blasphemous Rituals for the Perverted Flesh

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