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LIE IN RUINS the second album will come in February 2014

Deathmetaller from Finland  'Lie In Ruins' are ready to release their Second Studio album titled ' Towards Divine Death ' through the label ' Dark Descend Records ' on 4 February 2014.   All tracks are dominated by pure deathmetal and have a better concept of music and very mature in setting the rhythm of the music. It is not found on their first album before, but it is an evolving and musical vision that is better than the previous album.

In anticipation of this album, 'Lie In Ruins' deliberately presents to you a sample streaming tracks culled from the second track from their new album titled ' Chared Walls ' that you can hear here.

'Lie In Ruins' standing when Deathmetal is rapidly growing in the 90s precisely in 1993.  Began the career with the name 'Dissected' and recorded a few songs on cassette, but not in full swing, band finally got a vacuum for a few years.   Finally in 2002 they returned to spread virus of deathmetal and used the name 'Lie In Ruins' by releasing two demos titled ' ...Monuments (2005) ' and ' ...Statues (2006) '.   It wasn't until there were two demos, they make it into a compilation album in 2008 entitled ' Demons Rise! '.

The Band then consisted 'Roni Sahari (Vocals, Drums)' and ' Tuomas. K (guitar, bass, backing vocals)' began to seriously write material for a mini album, and the band recruited guitarist 'Roni Arling' to cooperate in making a mini album entitled 'Architecture Of The Dead' which was released by the label 'Temple of Darkness Records'.  'Roni Arling' also contribute greatly in the release of their second demo ' ...Statues '.   Preparation of the first studio album titled 'Swallowed By The Void ' begins with new personnel additions 'Jussi V.'   this successful Album released by 'Spinefarm Records ' in 2009 and again re-released in Vinyl version this year and is limited to only 350 copies.

The New Album 'Towards Divine Death' will feature fresh blood drummer 'Aki Koskinen', who also has a band called ' A Land Beyond The Sea'.   The entry of ' Aki Koskinen' makes Vocal task by 'Roni Sahari' lighter because previously he played two tasks, as a Drummer and Vocalis.

Track List:
1.     Endless Void        
2.     Charred Walls        
3.     Blood of the Dead        
4.     The Jaws of the Wolf        
5.     I am the Dark        
6.     Sacrum Vitae        
7.     Venomous Tongues        
8.     Beneath the Surface        
9.     Of Darkness and Blackened Fire

Line up 2013
Jussi V. :Bass
Tuomas K. :Guitars
Aki K. :Drums
Roni S. :Vocals
Roni Ä. :Guitars


P.O. Box 18056
Colorado Springs, Colorado
United States

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