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LOST SOUL name new album ' Atlantis-The New Beginning' and plan to release it early next year

Poland Techniqal Deathmetaller 'Lost Soul' recently preached about the album they would release next year.   They gave the name of their album 'Atlantis-The New Beginning' and the plan will be releasing the album early next year.   Ten songs will be featured in the album, plus three bonus tracks in a Special Edition.

Guitarist and Vocals ' Jacek Grecki ' comment on this; ' Today, we are completing the final stages of recording and start looking for ideas for an artwork for the album cover.  Talking about the concept of music, ' Jacek ' expresses pleased and proud for having finished writing all of the material for this album,  'Atlantis' is a continuation of the previous album titled ' Immerse in Infinity ' that we release in 2009.   Stay on track of music to the extreme and added slightly darker shades.    This Album is a bit slow but not comprehensive, we still play brutal, techniqal and catchy riffs.   This Album is much stronger and very lively compared to the previous album, because we wrote the songs riffs at each of our instruments.   From the Album 'Atlantis' we also invite some guests to collaborate.  In detail, we will tell soon to you. ''

New Album 'Atlantis' mixing by 'Arek "Malta" Malczewski' in the studio 'Sound Division'.   A teaser of the new album, you can hear here.  About more info about 'Atlantis' We will notify promptly.  Stay tuned.

'Lost Soul' also just sharing songs on their compilation album entitled ' Genesis: XX Year of Chaoz ' release by 'Witching Hour Productions' on the 22nd of February 2013.   It contains thirty five of their best song in  two discs, released in exclusively double pack, 6 panel digipak and 16 pages booklet.

'LOST SOUL' Line up 2013
Jacek Grecki - vocals, guitars
Marek Gołaś - backing voc, guitars
Damian Czajkowski - backing voc, bass
Asmodeus Draco Dux - backing voc, drums
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