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MASS INFECTION 'For I Am Genocide' Studio Progress

Brutal Death Metaller from Greece ' Mass Infection ' recently completed recording a new album and is ready to release new album will be titled 'For I am Genocide' via label 'Comatose Music Records'.

'Mass Infection' plan would set up  nine-track Blasting, aggressive and certainly very brutal, ' For I Am Genocide ' is a continuation of the album ' The Age Of Recreation ' which gained widespread acceptance both of the fans. In addition, In 2011, the band released a split album called ' Split Torso Trauma ' with 'Anthropofagus, Infected Flesh, Prion and Putridity '.  They offer characters music fast, Aggressive and brutal. They  offer based of bands like 'Hate Eternal, Deeds Of Flesh, Severe Torture, Origin and Unmerciful'.   The lyrics or theme in every album that they're talking about the reality of life and warfare.

Talking about the concept of this album in detail, we gave a short report about the making of their third album titled 'For I Am Genocide' by uploaded pictures and Video from  'Infected Studios ' in Livadeia Greece through Youtube via

The Album also has completed the process of Mixing and Mastering are done success also in Infected Studios ' in December 2013.   Having the character of sound who is very aggressive, is satisfaction to this album.

In the outline of the reports about the recording of this album began when  'Mass Infection' introduces a new song taken from the new album titled ' Maelstrom Of our Suffering Endless ' at a live show in Cybers Livadeia club April 2013, a video which you can see here.

In August 2013, the process of tracking the drums started and completed 6 August 2013, some supporters gear used for recording session drums which were  Yamaha stage custom drum kit (8'',10'',12'',14'',20''), Pearl reference snare 14 x 5,5'' , Axis A longboards pedals along with E kits and Alesis D4 module only in kick drums, Hi hat : Sabian AAX stage 14'' , Ride : Zildjian mega bell Z custom 21'' , Crash : Zildzian Avadis fast crash 17'' , Crash : Paiste 2002 18'' , China : Paiste 2002 16'' , China : Zildjian K custom 19''  , Splash : Paiste dimensin 10'' Sticks Pro mark 747 rock. 

For more wanted to see how the results recorded on the drum, you can see it here.

For a session recording the guitar, some gear used are Jackson SL1 and Jackson SL2, Peavy 6505 plus with tube screamer pedal , Marshall cab 1960A 4x12'' celestion.  Recording also implemented in 'Infected studios' in August 2013. 

As a result, aggressive guitar riffs,fast and very stable will be offered by ' Mass Infection ' in this album.   To see how the results of the session recordings for guitar, you can see it here.

All the recording process has been completed successfully. Our conclusion that the album ' For I Am Genocide ' has music that remains stable, the strains of brutal death with no compromises as well as a combination of music that is very aggressive and powerful is a little summary of the music on this new album.

This new Album to be released by the label ' Comatose Music ' as soon as possible as early as 2014. Cover art for the album was successful done by a reliable designer ' George ' Grin ' Prasinis.   The following is a list of tracks that the plan will go on the album are:
Praised by all entities , Hierarchy of the highest abomination ,beyond perpetuation , The scourge of living forms , Beholding the throne , Maelstrom of endless suffering , Unearthly legion , Nihilism reigns , The genocide revealed

A little story about them.  'Mass Infection' was formed in 2003, released their debut album ' Atonement For Iniquity ' in 2007. This Band is typical of Europe's brutal force has always and continues to innovate in each of their albums.   The new Album is planned to be released by the label ' Comatose music Records '.
In 2009 was the year of their success, with the release of 'The Age Of Recreation' which was released on the label 'Pathologically Explicit Recordings'.   The Album was also re-released by the label ' Comatose Music Records ' on March 26, 2013.

 Line up 2014
Nick : Guitars
George S. :Vocals, Guitars
Victor :Bass
George T. :Drums

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