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PERVERSITY set release date and announce cover art for new Ep

'Infamy Divine' officially released on 7 January, 2014, following the statement of the label 'Lavadome Productions' recently.   This new Ep will consist of Five songs and an Outro.   To that end, Label has released streaming a song titled ' Vermin; You can listen here.

'Lavadome Productions ' has also been opening process for pre-order in Digital format on their bandcamp site which we will attach below.

For the Affairs of the art album, ' Perversity ' entrust a design from experienced designers ' Jon Zig '.  'Infinity Divine' will have the composition of the blend of Brutal death of Europe and America are packed more blasphemous and more aggressive.

 18 years exist in the scene of a Brutal death and features 4 studio albums and a compilation album, making this band still exist in the pathway of a brutal death while having a lot of turnover of personnel.    Just info, in 2012, the band replaced their old drummer Martin Horgos is replaced by new drummer 'Peter Jakubik' which also mature experience and ever in Blackened Metal band ' Khadaver '.   With 'Peter', Perversity record five new songs and an Outro, and would collaborate in making an increasingly Aggressive music composition by bringing the Brutal death of typical European style with blasphemous lyrics.   This Album is also a follow-up of concept music made from their previous album ' Ablaze ' in 2011.

This band first found in Presov, Slovakia by Martin Marincak ( vocal ) and Josef Kosc (guitar) has been released two demo during the period of 1997-1999.   Got a good reception from the metalhead, They serious form a band in early January 2001 by adding personnel are Marek Stasak ( drum ), Martin Kukol ( bass ) and ' Dano Kochanik ( guitar ).   Those five successful released two album studio 'In the Garment of Lust ( 2003 ) ' and ' Words like Poison ( 2004 ) '.   Both the album then released by label ' Perennial Quest' and ' Forensick music'.

Four years of efforts since released a second album in 2004.   In 2008, Perversity is back with the third album release entitled 'Beyond The Reach Of Heaven ' was released by the label 'Grodhaisn Productions ', a huge overhaul of personnel took place, with the appearance of drummer ' Martin Skasak', Vocalis 'martin Marincal' and guitarist 'Daniel Kochanik' is replaced by Martin Horgos (drums), Juraj Handzus (vocals) and Robert Vanya (Guitar).   This  formation also did not last long, in 2011 when they are about to release their fourth album, guitarist 'Robert Vanya ' is not in the band, his position was replaced by  'Marian Petrik ', while for the position of bassist, 'Martin Kukol' was replaced with 'Martin Slavonir Koval '.

Though many of turnover of personnel upon this band , but they are still in some national metal stage , among other things: ' SK Deathfest Vol I and II '. And filling the songs on two compilation albums from the stage.   This year, Perversity uses only one guitarist namely 'Jocef Kosc', after before using two guitarist in previous album.

Track List:
1. Vermin
2. Angel Of Prostitution
3. Goddess Of Maggots
4. Incest Of Flesh
5. Supreme Accusation
6. Infamous

Line up 2013
JOZEF KOSC - guitar,voices
Lavadome productions
HV, Czech Republic
HV 38491
Czech Republic
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