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PESTIFER ready to release the second album next march

Techniqal Deathmetaller from Belgium ' Pestifer ' will release a second album entitled ' Reaching The Void ' March of next year.   Nine Tracks they have to prepare.   The Album ' Reaching The Void ' will be released by French metal label ' Great Dane Records '.

The recording process of the album ' Reaching The Void ' starting December 2012 in the studio 'Le Pōle Image de Liėge'.   Mastering was done by ' Victor Bullok ' which also handles ' Obscura, Pestilence and Trypticon ' and the process of Mixing is done by the ' Jeremy Stoz began in July 2013. For album Cover art, the band entrusted the entire design to 'David Caryn '.   For info on the next news, we will tell you in the near future. Stay Tuned.

As the recording process is running, the band also performed a lot in Europe: England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.   The Band has also shared the stage with a big band ' Nile ' when rolling out a performance in Lille, France.

'Pestifer' was formed in 2004 in Liège, Belgium through the twin brother of Bassist 'Adrien Gustin' and drummer 'Phil Gustin'.   Then, they start recruiting Guitarist 'Antoine Peterka' and Vocalis ' Morty ' and released a demo in 2006.   But not last long with the Vocalis 'Morty'.   Without 'Morty',  'Pestifer ' managed to perform with Additional Vocals ' Panda ' and contribute in the compilation album called 'FYU:Colume 5'  that made their works can be heard internationally. 

The addition of personnel in 2008 with the entry of 'Emerson (guitar)' and 'Jérôme Bernard (vocals)', they prepare material for the debut album titled ' Age Of Disgrace ' was then released by the labels ' Ultimhate Records ' in 2010 and Re-Masters in 2011, and deploying some of the performances with ' Mayhem, Macabre, Devourment and Rotting Christ '.   They also shared the stage with 'Watain and Destroyer666 '.

Track List:
1.  Witness of the Lost
2.  Exiled To The Abyss
3.  Sarchopaga
4.  Three Of Thorns
5.  Abominations
6.  Within the Void
7.  The Earthling Chronicles
8.  Orbital Failure
9.  Positronic Symphony

 Line Up 2013
Adrien Gustin :Bass
Phil Gustin: Drums
Antoine Paterka :Guitars
Emerson Devresse : Guitars
Jérôme Bernard :Vocals


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