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PRELUDIUM ready to release their fourth album 'Redemption' end of this December

Blackened Death Metaller from Poland ' Preludium ' preach about their fourth album entitled ' Redemption ' ready was released late December through label 'Transcending Obscurity '.   All the recording process has finished, and just wait for the time to be released.   The Album 'Redemption' will contain 10 Tracks with a combination of death and Black is very impressive.  

The Album 'Redemption' will offer music concept that is more interesting than the previous album.   In addition to having the combination of music and the stunningly Blackmetal Deathmetal, their music on this album is more varied and more spiritual.   This is shown also by the concept of the lyrics which are very rarely used in other bands in the Blackened death scene that is based on the theme Of ' Paramahansa Yogananda ' in a book called ' Autobiography of a Yogi ' was first published in 1946.   The concept of the lyrics were written entirely by ' Kunal Choksi ' which is the owner of the label ' Transcending Obscurity'.   The concept of the lyrics which tell about the spiritual journey of a spiritual character named 'Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda'.  

You can Check the album on their Bandcamp

'Redemption' start recorded in april until may in studio 'Roslyn' in Eastern Poland. 'Redemption' also will offer quality sound more natural besides having a fusion death black very amaze. The Vocalis 'Ɓukasz Dziamarski' also added that the combination of Death Black we offer with our own style.

For Cover Art,  ' Preludium ' entrusted entirely to the 'Upgrade Design Studio ( Poland )' . An Illustration depicts emphasis to a very ancient spiritual culture of India .

'Preludium ' formed in 1999 in Mielec, Poland.   The Band has released four studio albums including the upcoming album 'Redemption' and an Ep titled 'Abomination' released in 2010 via 'Redroom 666′ .   In addition, ' Preludium ' also has two demos in the period 2001-2002.   The Beginning of their career starts since the release of the debut album in 2004 titled 'Eternal Wrath'.   This Album is very good acclaim by metalhead, so forcing 'Redroom 666' again released it in 2008.   The Label also eager released their second album,  titled ' Raping Mankind Disorder '.

In 2009, ' Kunal Choksi' then through the label ' Diabolical Conquest Records ' before renaming the label with the name  'Transcending Obscurity'  begin tracking the band and are interested in cooperation with 'Preludium' in the third album release called 'Impending Hostility' in 2010 and is also ready to release their fourth album ' Redemption ' end this December.

Track List:
1.     Soul Torment        
2.     Altars of Redemption        
3.     Incarnations        
4.     Root of Suffering        
5.     Circle of Life        
6.     The Seven Gates of Hell        
7.     Destiny of Mortals        
8.     Arena of Souls        
9.     Hatred Breeds Suffering        
10.     Sins of Mankind 

Line up 2013
Lukasz Dziamarski - Guitars, Voc
Jan Skowron - Guitars
Piotr Ungeheuer - Drums
Marcin "Mrzawa" Deszcz - Bass 

Transcending Obscurity
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