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PREMATORY streaming two new songs from the new album which release next year

Belgium Thrash Metaller ' Prematory ' has completed all materials and recordings for the upcoming album titled 'Corrupting Influence '.   Their second Album since they formed in 2007  is ready to be released by the label 'Punishment 18 Records' which planned will be released on 15 February 2014.

The Album contains 11 Tracks, marks an evolution of music by 'Prematory' that is more mature and become more of a unique, take on the lyric theme about the social and political globally.   The Album was produced and mixed by 'Sven Janssens' which has also produced albums from bands such as ' Aborted, Crimson Falls, Unleash the Fury, Axamenta '.   The recording was done in studio ' Red Left Hand ' and the process of mastering done at the ' Planet Z' studio with 'Chris Zeus Harris '.

As anticipation for the new album, 'Prematory' has just released two new songs via stream titled ' Sentenced For Life ' and ' Corrupting Influence ' that you can hear here.

'Prematory' was discovered in 2007 by Joeri Trescinski (bass), Joeri Van De Schoot (guitar) and Thomas Minnen (drums).   Over time, Simon Duson (vocals) joined the band and prepare to do some performances.  

To prepare for the debut album, 'Prematory' recruit the guitarist 'Jonas Van De Sande'.   Their first Album, titled ' Society ' was released on its own in 2010.   The Album received a good welcome from the listener, through this album, the band managed to share the stage with ' Warbringer, Dr. Living Dead and FKU.   As a result, the band was quickly popular especially in Belgium, Germany and Netherlands.

Got a very good reception, without the rest, the band continued to write songs for the second album. A more mature musical concept will they show in this album, more aggressive and energic.   During the process of creating the song, drummer' Thomas Minnen ' left the band and was immediately replaced by 'Thomas Wuyts ' to get work in the process of recording this new album.

Track List:
1.     Sledgehammer 01:18  instrumental
2.     Insignificance     04:41
3.     Down the Drain 03:31
4.     Hold My Breath 04:38
5.     Toxic Experiment 04:08
6.     Lies upon Lies 04:37
7.     Grave Raiser     03:36
8.     Sentenced for Life     05:23
9.     Peace?!     03:31
10.     Bad Blood 03:32
11.     Corrupting Influence 05:43

line up 2013
Simon Duson - Vocals
Joeri Van De Schoot - Lead Guitar
Joeri Trescinski - Bass
Jonas Van De Sande - Rhythm Guitar
Thomas Wuyts - Drums


Casella Postale 74
13836 Cossato (BI)

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