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SACRIFICIAL BLOOD Streaming songs from a new album that will be released January 2014

Thrasher from New Jersey 'Sacrificial Blood' ready to release their second studio album titled ' SoulS For Sale ' which will be released by the Label ' Horror Pain Gore Death Productions ' on January 14, 2014.   The Album ' SoulS For Sale ' will contain eight original tracks with additional bonus mystery track.   To that end, the Label has also been opening process pre-order starts now and streaming a song entitled ' The Nightmare Has Return ' you can hear here.

Recording began in July and then now has been completed, the process of Mastering was done by ' John Alexander ' which is the Guitarist of  'Post Mortem'.   For art, the band entrusted entirely to ' Seth Bennett '.    The music concept was more crushing will be offered through this album.   If you miss with a touch of classic thrash like 'Post Mortem, Massacre, Possesed, Death or  Deceased ' you must hear this album.

'Sacrificial Blood' is formed from the dissatisfaction of Mainstream Musicality.  Departing from it, tried to bring the purity of the Underground and finally in 2003, drummer ' Mike Keller ' together time ' guitarist Pete Barbera ' wants to bring the concept of the music of the 80s Thrash but played with their own style and focus gives an honest music.   Personnel at the time, Mike Keller (Vocals, Drums), Jude Terror (Bass), Chase Cooper (Guitars), Pete Barbera (Guitars), successfully released a demo titled ' Chaotic Compulsion ' in 2003.

In April 2003, Guitarist ' Chase Cooper ' issued from the band due to Drug problems. Whereas ' Jude Terror (Bass) ' resign to Focus on Recording and its projects.   Bassist 'Ian McClung' and ' Guitarist  'Ross Marcovitz ' replacing their positions and prepare the next demo release titled ' Toxic Zombies ' was released in 2003.

10-year career on the metal stage, 'Sacrificial Blood' has released three demos, Four Split album, One compilation albums and Live albums and two studio albums.

2011 was the year of the pride, after eight years of work, the band finally released their debut album titled ' Unholy Fucking Hatred ' was released by the label from Germany i.e. ' Wiches Brew '.   This Album is proof of the return of the personnel i.e. ' Mike, Ian and Arnie ' which had stopped in the year 2009.   'Kevin Maull aka Arnie ' joined in 2007 when the band needed a Guitarist  and finish the rest of the show and the recording process for the two album split in 2008.   Along with New Bassist Brian Smith joined the band, ' Sacrificial Blood ' resume the mission to release their second album.

But when are doing writing matter the second album , differences vision happens, make  'Kevin' want to recruit new bassist and change the position of  'Brian Smith'.   'Evan Fishman' is believed to fill in bassist and continue their work for this second album.

Track List:
1.     The Nightmare Has Returned        
2.     Hellfire        
3.     We Will Remain        
4.     D.T.S.        
5.     Tyrant of Pain        
6.     The Pack        
7.     SoulS for Sale        
8.     We Rule the Night        
9.     Mystery Bonus Track

line up 2013
Mike Keller-Drums/Vokills
Kevin "Arnie" Maull-Guitar
Evan Fishman-Bass


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