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SHRAPNEL set the February next year to release new album

Thrasher from United Kingdom 'Shrapnel' through CandleLight Records officially establish that their new album called ' The Virus Conspires' ready was released on February 3, 2014 in North America.

The Album was produced by 'Russ Russell' which also ever handle 'Napalm Death and Evile'.  ' Shrapnel' also has set up an art for their albums, a nice design from ' Eliran Kantor'.   This Album containing 11 track will tinged with a musical composition Fast without compromise and very banging .   Single titled 'Titan' plan will be made available to pre-order by CandleLight Records starting in January next year.

The Album 'The Virus Conspires' also has a quality of sound that is explosive and very nice.  You can see a teaser of this new album through our pages at This Album also has an aggressive musical structure as well as very energic.

The Band commented, ''We are proud to be able to work together and become a large family of Candlight Records, and we can't wait to release our new album.

Shrapnel was formed in 2009 in Norwich, United Kingdom.  Play the Thrash more energetic is the Character of this band, inspired by some such large thrasher like Testament, Exodus, Slayer, Megadeth, and adds a bit of a combination of modern deathmetal riffs.  The concept of their music too much to add  elements of speedmetal and does not eliminate the composition of pure Thrash.

Shrapnel has released two Eps since formed in 2009 in Norwich, United Kingdom.   In the first Ep titled 'No Saviors' contains 5 tracks and was released on September 1, 2009 via the Southern Elite Records.  While on a second Ep titled ' The Devastation To Come ' was released a year later in Independent.

Track List :
1. Kingdom Come
2. Titan
3. Braindead
4. 22
5. The Virus Conspires
6. The Wake
7. Red Terror
8. The Watchers
9. Pseudocommando
10. Poison the Mind
11. All That We Know

Line Up 2013
Jae Hadley (Vocal)
Nathan Sadd (Guitar)
Chris Martin (Guitar)\
Shaun Mcelhinney (Bass)
Simon Jackson (Drum)


Avtech House
Hithercroft Road
OX10 9DA
United Kingdom
0208 968 3030
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