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WOSLOM - Evolustruction (2013) * Review

Forget all your tired today, let's banging with the strains of a vigorous tone of Brazilian Thrasher ' Woslom' in their new album titled ' Evolustruction ' was released last June.   Although many assume the band is similar to the ' Testament ' is legitimate only,  because they bring a lot of concept of Bay Area Thrash in the pattern of their music.   Actually 'Woslom' more adoption in a thrash melodic music is concocted and harmonics, this looks with a combination of guitar riffs that really blends with the rhythm of the music they make.   In addition, the character of the music is very light but very solid makes all the tones that they make in these albums is very easy and memorable, make it seem very phenomenal.

Woslom has its own allure in their music, try to make the listener doesn't get tired of hearing it, sometimes they also change the pattern tempo music in every song without eliminating the melodic strains on a very distinctive guitar riff.

Eight songs were produced, all very touching and elegant, we are very impressed with the melodic guitar duels between 'Silvano' and 'Rafa' is fighting, out of balance, harmony and very sharp shows the thrash music rhythm very neat and organised and the main allure of this album.  Fighting melodic songs such as ' Rivers Of Soul, No Last Chance, New Faith ' are three songs that have a combination of two melodic guitar very harmonics and very cruel.

The song 'Pugatory' slightly different from another song, because only this song is accompanied by a touch of acoustic and the result is very impressive, there is a separate division of the tempo for this album.   This song is our favorite song, because it is very representative of the typical character of this band, and has a variable tempo.   So too with song ' Evolustruction, Haunted b y the pass, Pray To Kill and Breathless (Justice's Fall) ' that we think the fifth song features a combination of thrash riff very fancy and so has its own allure.

The concept of music that is very ripe, have distinctive character and allure of its own in creating, making music on this album is very interesting, balanced, very touching, banging and has a very musical pattern of fighting.   Character Vocal 'Silvano' who managed to bring the rhythm of the music, and The drum beats of ' Fernando ' which set the rhythm patterns, making music is pretty neat and orderly, coupled with the success of the melodic elements they incorporate harmonic, thrashy, cruel and very brilliant, adds to the delicacy of hearing this album.

Track List:
1.     Evolustruction
2.     Haunted by the Past
3.     Pray to Kill
4.     River of Souls        
5.     No Last Chance
6.     New Faith
7.     Breathless (Justice's Fall)
8.     Purgatory

Line up 2013
Silvano Aguilera - Vocals & Guitar
Rafa Iak - Lead Guitar
Francisco Stanich Jr. - Bass
Fernando Oster - Drums

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