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ALTERBEAST announces debut album ' Immortal ' in detail and Streaming new song

Techniqal death metaller from Sacramento 'Alterbeast' ready with their debut album titled 'Immortal' that plan will be released by 'Unique Leader Records' on March 18, 2014.

Eight songs with very cruel techniqal had them prepare since september last year at the ' Castle Ultimate Studios ' which was also a success implementing the mixing and mastering.   For drum recording session with ' Zack Ohren ' which also deal with bands such as ' Cattle Decapitation, Warbringer, All Shall Perish , or First Blood ' done in ' Castle Ultimate Studios '.   for guitar and Bass recording sessions succesfully done in  'Augmented Audio' in Los Angeles with Bassist ' The Black Dahlia Murder 'Ryan ''Bart'' Williams '.   As for the Vocal was recorded with ' Bob Swanson ' which also handles ' Rings Of Saturn ' in 'Mayhemeness Studios ' in Sacramento.   The Album 'Immortal' are believed to be even more crushing and very dynamic.  And recently released streaming songs taken from the debut album entitled ' Flesh Bound Text ' which can be heard here

To affairs of artwork, fully worked by designer 'Raymond Swanland' who also successful in dealing with artwork to album 'Pinnacle of Bedlam (Suffocation)'. 

Vocalis 'Cam Rogers' reveals that ''Immortal is what was spawned from hard work, dedication, and downright brutal musicianship. It has intricate solos, absolutely crushing interludes and brutal circle-pit anthems.  'Alterbeast' sets the scene with grievous piano preceding the onset of ‘Flesh Bound Text’ which comes in with blistering drums and guitars effortlessly making their way around the fret board. Every piece truly has its own personality on this record, whether it’s the apocalyptic soundscapes of ‘Ancient’s Retribution,’ the devastating aggression of ‘Vile Remnants’ or the unmerciful grooves in ‘Throne of Maggots.’ This album has something for every listener and comes together seamlessly to form as a breathtaking whole. Immortal is exactly what we intended it to be: a gripping and intense death metal album.”

'Alterbeast' is formed in Sacramento, California in 2011.  The band's previous name, ' Gary Busey Amber Alert (GBAA) '.   Over time, the band continued to write many of the songs and want to be a full album.   Combine the music rhtyms of bands like ' The Black Dahlia Murder, Spawn Of Possesion and Necrophagist'  with the deathmetal classics riffs such as ' Morbid Angel or Dissection ' make them successfully released a demo in the year 2012 and managed to share the stage with bands such as 'Deicide, Dying Fetus , Testament, Revocation, Exhumed, Severed Savior ' and many more.   A year after the release of the demo, finally in the year 2013, 'Unique Leader Records' agreed to release their debut album entitled ' the Immortals '.

Track List:
1. Flesh Bound Text
2. Of Decimus Divine
3. Vile Remnants
4. Ancient’s Retribution
5. Mutilated Marvel
6. Into Oblivion
7. Serpentspire
8. Throne of Maggots

Line up 2014
Cam Rogers - Vocals
Rusty Cornell - Guitar
Andrew Lamb - Guitar
Michael Zamora - Bass
Gabe Seeber - Drums

P.O. Box 6544
Los Osos, California 93412
United States
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