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ARCHSPIRE second album ready to release April 2014

Techniqal Death Metaller from Canada ' Archspire ' through Label 'Season Of Mist Records' announced that their second studio album, entitled 'The Lucid Collective' planned to be released on April 25, 2014 in Europe, four days later will be released in North America.

'Archspire' still plays the Techniqal Machine Riffs with the increasingly fast vocal character,  combination of many elements of music that are applied to a very harmonious and balanced and music composition that is very different from most techniqal band.  Multi tempo with drum beats are amazing, unique, and there is no room to play the rhythms that simple, they have a very complicated but the tempo is easy to remember because it has dynamical riffs.  The Band is indeed such uncompromising gobble up the rhythm with their Techniqal machine, without pressure and seems like the most techniqal music mastering in the world.  Very Memorable.  A little taste of their musicality can be heard here

'The Lucid Collective' recorded at Rain City Recorders, in Vancouver, B.C.  The process of Mixing and Mastering was done with success by ' Stuart McKillop ' also with 'Curtis Buckoll and Mark Mckitrick ' as additional engineering.   For next info, we will inform you about the next few days.

Oli Peters - Vocals
Dean Lamb - 8 String Guitar
Tobi Morelli - 7 String Guitar
Jaron Evil - 6 String Fretless Bass & Live Backing Vocals
Spencer Prewett - Drums

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