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AWRIZIS - Final Hybridation (2013) * Review

'Awrizis' provides a rich musical concept to us, very varied and we were very impressed with the music tempo changes that occur in every song. Have more than one musical elements in a song added excitement to enjoy their music continuously. In addition to not get tired of hearing it, ' Awrizis ' also made us get carried away with cool atmosphere, calm or very angry. Really really impressed.

Generally, we heard there are three elements that are extremely dominate their music in every song.  The first is a Groove Metal, where ' Awrizis ' put some songs in a moderate tempo and it was done very stable and consistent.  Every song they play, It's all very neat and grooved in the compose rhythm songs.  The thing that makes their music is easy to remember and not boring.  The second element is Thrash Metal, 'Awrizis' many include the rhythm or thrash tones in creating a song.  Thrash riffs they play very catchy and energetic.  The third element is very dominate their music on this album is Melodic death Metal, where every beat of the song is always accompanied by a melodic touch is very intense and very harmonic, In addition to blending in the rhythm of their music, what is indicated by the guitarist 'Marek Pytlik' or 'Tomáš Bělík', so bring in music, sometimes bringing the atmosphere of cool or get upset, sometimes get carried away a dark and black.

Let's Peel their music song by song.  A quiet tone strains and have a medium tempo initiate a touch tone on an intro titled 'The Process'.  The combination of Melodic death and Thrash riffs are very strong we found on the first song entitled 'We are Gifts of Hell'.   Stay grooved and have rhythms that is easy to remember.  Concentrations are filled with elements of Groove can we heard on the second track entitled 'Let Your Fury Flow', this song also gives a touch of thrash tones are energetic and very banging in addition to providing melodic feel very dynamic. 

The next song is our favorite song titled ' Feel What I Have to Feel Every Day '.   Starting with the Tempo of quiet and very cold early in the tune of approximately 50 seconds, and then it is followed by a crushing touches in it there is a combination of melodic and thrash riffs very dynamic and balanced.   This song is very cool and steady.

All the songs have a different tempo and makes us extremely variable continuous replay song by song. We go on with the next track titled ' Brainspheres ', once again keep inserting elements of Groove metal, Thrash and Melodic death in a harmonious and very balanced. This song also has a tone very enchanting and has a very characteristic music tempo. The next song titled ' Poison in My Veins ' showing a different atmosphere because it begins with a touch of thrash is a very energetic and changing the structure a little rhythm on the song before many started with a touch of Melodic death though not thoroughly. This song has a rhythm and musical structure are solid and very dynamic.

After an instrumental interlude is catchy with the display side differs from the skill of each personnel as well as a concept of a very harmonious music, we hear the strains of acoustic tone at the beginning of the song entitled ' I Saw Your Fall ', after that we heard a lot of music that's very goove metal ' Awrizis ' is very focused on groove metal elements in this song.

Melodic Death composition which is very consistent and catchy we heard on the song entitled ' To the North We Will Go '.   They put all the elements well in this song.   The song titled 'The World Behind Closed Eyes' which became the final track on the album offers little black atmosphere although not thoroughly.   However, in our opinion, this song deserves to be album cover,  because it has all the elements that played in a harmonious and balanced and has the composition and structure of the music is a bit different, and it has a much different tempo changes with the previous songs.  We really liked this song. This song is the conclusion of all the songs on the album and is a description of their music in General.

'Awrizis' successfully playing Melodic Death, Thrash Metal and Groove Metal with very ripe and well balanced.   They managed to set the rhythm or tempo with a fixed based on the composition of a unit they call the 'Hybrid Metal'.   But despite it all, the main we think is how we were able to comfortably enjoy their music, get carried away the atmosphere and cause an impression once we heard the whole song in this album.  We are really impressed and really enjoy the concept of music from them.

Track List:
1.     The Process (instrumental)
2.     We are Gifts of Hell
3.     Let Your Fury Flow
4.     Feel What I Have to Feel Every Day
5.     Brainspheres
6.     Poison in My Veins    
7.     Instrumental
8.     I Saw Your Fall
9.     To the North We Will Go
10.     The World Behind Closed Eyes

Line up 2014
Tomáš Bělík-Guitar,Vocal
Marek 'Frodys' Pytlik-Guitar,Backing Vocal
Roman 'Tristufin' Šafner-Bass,Backing Vocal
Václav Horák-Drums


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