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BOKLUK Debut Album ' Taphonomy ' soon to be released April 2014

Old School Death Metaller from A Coruña ,Spain ' Bokluk ' ready released their debut album titled ' Taphonomy ' as soon as April 2014 via labels 'Momento Mori Records'.   They have set up Nine tracks with oldschool are ready to create your headbanging continues.   Not only that, A Cover Art of a very distinctive marks of their charismatic in Oldschool Death scene, this time prepared by César Valladares'.   Regarding the next Info, we'll tell you some day in the future.

'Bokluk' was founded in 2007 by Corey (Drums) and Shot (Guitar) and get the whole lineup in 2011 after they recruit ' Alex (Vocals) ' and ' Iago (bass). ' Bokluk ' released their first demo entitled ' Moat ' Realm in 2012.

Recently they have also recently released new song via streaming entitled 'Creed Of Excruciation' taken from Their upcoming album and now you can listen here.

7 years steady play oldschool riffs with many combines some elements of the part of Crust and grind into their music, making their music more varied and very easy to remember without eliminating the taste the touch of Oldschool Death ending of 80's that became the basis of their musical vision.  Oldschool crushing beats European Typical also strongly dominate their music, and most of all, they are able to offer a oldschool deathmetal musical concept with inserting some extremely variable tempo, so that it will not dull.  their Listeners will be heard and be carried away in any atmosphere, and will certainly cause an impression after hearing songs from them. We are so convinced of it.

A taste of their song titled ' Loathsome Evolution ' which is taken from their first demo entitled ' Moat ' Realm you can listen here

Track List:
1. Psyche
2. Nomenclature 22Q13
3. Nausea
4. Creed Of Excruciation
5. Excrement
6. The Raw
7. Neoteny Disclosure
8. Mindfuck Self
9. Taphonomy

 Line up 2014
Álex - Vocals
Tukas - Guitar
Iago - Bass/Vocals
Corey - Drums


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