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BURIAL HORDES be ready with The third studio album, titled ' Incendium '

Blackmetaller from Greece ' Burial Hordes ' agreed deal on their third album titled ' Incendium ' through label ' Hellthrasher Records '.   The Album 'Incendium' plan will be released by ' Hellthrasher Records ' as soon as possible as early as 2014.

After the success of their subsequent releases by 'Pulverized Records' which ' War, Revenge & Total Annihilation (2005)' and 'Devotion to Unholy Creed (2008) ' and just succeed in 2012 with the release of a compilation album titled '12 Years of War and Revenge '.  This time come take the concept of the music a more mature and dark shades brought remains consistent and hatred that has become typical since they formed in 2001 through the third album titled ' Incendium '.

'Incendium' recorded and mixed at Endarker studio with 'Devo Andersson' which also handles ' Marduk '.   Eight Track particularly harsh and dark that spread hatred, a view of Satan, Anti Commercial and social to be played through this album.    An Art album has also been prepared by 'Mark Riddick (RIDDICKART)'.   To that end, ' Burial Hordes ' have also released a teaser that you can hear here.

'Burial Hordes' was born in Attica, Greece in 2001. Formed by 'N.e.c.r.o (Guitar, Bass)' and successfully released their first demo entitled ' Entering the Untrodden Forest '.   After doing a few shows, two new members joined in 2003 to work with ' N.e.c.r. o ' writing some of the material of the song and released it in the format of a demo entitled ' Mors Luminis'.   Both of these personnel are named 'Psychaos (guitars/bass)' and ' Erevos (drums) '.   The addition of personnel occurred in 2004, when it was ' Burial Hordes ' try new vocal characters and their choices and his desire to 'Cthonos ' former Vocalis of 'Ravencult' and recruiting drummer 'Impaler' replace position of 'Everos '.  This fourth personnel with solid with released the third demo called  'Bestial Bloodwar' and  the first studio album was released by the label 'The Oath' in 2005 called ' War, Revenge and Total Annihilation '.

Album 'Incendium' is also debut for their new drummer named 'Nuctemeron' being joined 2012 ago and contribute to make the concept of music very blasphemous of this new album called 'Incendium' 

Track List:
1.Unleash Havoc
2.Horns of Consecration
3.Nailed Curse
4.Path of Bloodshed
6.Scorned (Aokigahara)
7.Black Shrouds of Depravity

 Line up 2013
C T H O N O S - Vocals
N.E.C.R.O - Guitars/Bass
P S Y C H A O S - Guitars/Bass
N U C T E M E R O N - Drums


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