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BURIAL HORDES - Incendium (2014) * Review

We consider ' Burial Hordes ' is one of the most consistent blackmetal band from album to album. We have two of their previous album titled 'War, Revenge & Total Annihilation (2005) and 'Devotion to Unholy Creed (2008)', and we think the new album 'Incendium' more dinamic and have a very riveting music concept.   Stay on track blackmetal, carrying black and pure oldschool style, never changed since ancient.  Having black riffs very cold and tense . Offering a very dark Atmosphere dominated in every track is a bit of difference with their previous album.

The Album 'Incendium ' has a more dynamic musical structure, neat and very luxurious and elegant. The influx of new drummer ' Nuctemeron ' add music atmosphere more energetic and more touching. A touch of drum beats that are highly structured, dark, brutal and very deep it makes music in this album is very touching and have the impression the most blasphemous album ever had from 'Burial Hordes '.

Character Vocal growl ' Cthonos ' a very stable for a long time, it is best that he accomplished on this album, slightly reduce the elements that scream a lot we found on their first album, but doesn't change the enormity of their music.  'Chtonos' is capable of balanced as well as harmonizing tones rhythm in each song so that it seems to not lose touch of scream.  This is offset by the guitar riffs that are very dark and quite blend with the composition of his character.

'Incendium' shows a new flavour in enjoying blackmetal music.  Having a sound recordings that luxury, and has its own character in conceptualize a music with more of a growl incorporate into a song, without omitting the feel of raw and blasphemy is the characters of 'Burial Hordes' which can only be found from this album.

We tried searching track by track on this album.  Opened with their flagship song entitled ' Unleash Havoc '.   The raw atmosphere directly approached the beginning of the song, balanced with a combination of their characteristic of oldschool black .   This song little remind us in a couple of songs from their first album.   Got a music composition which is very deep and dark.   ' Unleash Havoc ' is the most blasphemous song from this album.    Continue on the second track entitled ' Horns of Consecration ' that shows the concept of pure blackmetal very memorable.   In this song, the character vocal Growl and Scream is very balanced.

Have the same musical structure can be found on the third song titled 'Nailed Curse', The guitar tones are very black and very touching to dominate this song, In addition, the drum beats are very energetic and brutal.   The fourth song titled 'Path of Bloodshed' has a very haunting music, back again with a very solid guitar riffs fill out of the darkness of their music on this song.   The next song titled ' Abomination ' has the same musical concept on two songs at the beginning of the album but more aggressive and dynamic.

The song titled ' Scorned (Aokigahara) ' is our favorite song on this album, because we've never heard of a very swanky touches from their previous album.  The song is very dark and it is definitely the most haunting songs in this album.   These songs include a sample taken from the Throne of Blood (Kumonosu Jo).   The next song titled ' Black Shrouds of Depravity ' is the next dark songs that have dark music composition and very neat.   The Album closes with a track titled ' Incendium ', this song has a very stable structure of music from them and we think this song really proves the existence of those who are very consistent from album to album.

'Incendium' very impressive after we hear track after track of this album.  We find a typical character of the structure of the music they create on this album, you will get the dark mood in the early track and continues on track-the next track will become increasingly gripped.   The concept of a very dynamic music, agressive and very consistent returns they are represented in this album.  Sound recordings are getting better from album to album was positive for us that make the more comfortable hearing this album.   In addition, with the introduction of the new drummer 'Nuctemeron' make their music more energic and very much alive.

Slightly short biography about them.   'Burial Hordes' was born in Attica, Greece in 2001.   Formed by 'N.e.c.r.o (Guitar, Bass)' and successfully released their first demo entitled ' Entering the Untrodden Forest '.   After doing a few shows, two new members joined in 2003 to work with ' N.e.c.r. o ' writing some of the material of the song and released it in the format of a demo entitled ' Mors Luminis'.   Both of these personnel are named 'Psychaos (guitars/bass)' and ' Erevos (drums) '.   The addition of personnel occurred in 2004, when it was ' Burial Hordes ' try new vocal characters and their choices and his desire to 'Cthonos ' former Vocalis of 'Ravencult' and recruiting drummer 'Impaler' replace position of 'Everos '.  This fourth personnel with solid with released the third demo called  'Bestial Bloodwar' and  the first studio album was released by the label 'The Oath' in 2005 called ' War, Revenge and Total Annihilation '.

Track List:
  1. Unleash Havoc
  2. Horns of Consecration
  3. Nailed Curse
  4. Path of Bloodshed
  5. Abomination
  6. Scorned (Aokigahara)
  7. Black Shrouds of Depravity
  8. Incendium

 Line up 2014
C T H O N O S - Vocals
N.E.C.R.O - Guitars/Bass
P S Y C H A O S - Guitars/Bass
N U C T E M E R O N - Drums

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