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DAY OF DOOM 'The Gates of Hell' ready released by label 'Lavadome Productions'

Label from Czech Republic ' Lavadome Productions ' gives a statement that they were ready to release the third album of New Yok Death Metaller ' Day Of Doom ' titled ' The Gates Of Hell '.   It is a pride for the band because the album was later Remastered and no doubt will be have a good quality and can be heard in the world and will showcase new art production designed by ' Raul Gonzalez '.    Regarding the album's development, we constantly update and will ready to proclaim the message to you. So Stay Tuned.

Prior to this, the album was released independently on 26 January 2013.    Play the character of their own music without compromise with the composition of the Brutal with crushing rhythms and cruel riffs is its own attraction in this album.   As a reminder for you, we will give a song titled ' Through Horrible Despair ' are taken from the album ' The Gates Of Hell ' which can be heard here.
'Day Of Doom' has released three studio albums such as ''Night Of Horor (2006), Slaves To Insanity (2010),The Gates Of Hell (2013) and a few demos such as 'Day of Doom demo (1 track), Thy Unholy Rebellion demo (8 tracks), Murderous demo (7 tracks, not yet released), Forge Ahead (pre-Day of Doom material featuring 2 new songs)'.

A little story about this band, 'Day Of Doom' was spawned during the cold deadness of winter in 1999 by drummer 'Rich Hervey' and a slew of demos followed with guitarist and bassist Ray Holmes. These demos were recorded/produced and distributed by Rich with a very minimal press run and are considered rare in the New York Underground.

After a short hiatus, 'Rich' was joined by former 'Butchery/Exuviate' guitarist 'Doug Randazzo'.   They both went on to write and record Day of doom's 2007 first release entitled "Night Of Horor" with former 'Suffocation/Hate Eternal' guitarist 'Doug Cerrito'.   During the mix, Doug Randazzo' had to leave the Doom and 'Rich' forged ahead and found guitarist 'Dave Casale'.   Within the next few years 'Rich' and 'Dave' would try out many different musicians yet none would seem to make the grade and in the end, 'Rich' and 'Dave' would go on to write and record Day Of Doom's latest release "Slaves to Insanity'.   They were joined again by former 'Sanguinary Carnage/Exuviate' Bass/Guitarist 'Ray Holmes' in the summer of 2010 and soon after 'Doug Randazzo' would rejoin the band.

After many years of hard work, 'Rich' had to let long time guitarist 'Dave Casale' go. It was a minor set back until 'Doug' and 'Ray' presented the music they will contribute to the outfit and the next Day Of Doom release.   'Ray' had to step out for work related issues so 'Doug' and 'Rich' continued to write and record material in the bowels of their underground studio "The Doom Cave" producing the 2013 release 'The Gates Of Hell'.  'Day Of Doom' is also welcoming back 'Dave Casale' on guitar/Vocals and 'Sam Lara' On Bass/vocals making this a solid four piece unit of musical destruction and are set to play some shows with acts including ... Suffocation, Deicide, Jungle Rot, Six Feet Under, Pyrexia, Arkaik, Broken Hope' and many others.

Track List:
1.     The Gates of Hell
2.     Fathers Lies
3.     Embrace Your Demise
4.     Slaughter of the Lamb    
5.     An Evil Demoncy (The Last Days of Doom)    
6.     Circle of Eternal Aftermath
7.     The Vomitorium Angel
8.     Feasting on the Flesh of the Godly Ones
9.     Reborn Through Oblivieon Flames    
10.     Through Horrible Dispar
11.     Remants in the Cavern of Displeasure

Line up 2014
Dave Casale - Guitar/vocals
Rich Hervey - Drums/Vocals
Doug Randazzo - Guitar/Vocals
Sam Lara - Bass/Vocals

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