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DAYS OF LOSS is ready with a new album titled ' Our Frail Existence ' will be released on 1 February

Austrian Melodic Death Thrasher ' Days Of Loss ' already completed all the recording for new album titled ' Our Frail Existence '.   The process of recording, mastering and mixing was successful done by 'Norbert Leitner ' in the studio ' Udio Media '.

An attractive design done by 'Raffael Pauswek ' which are familiar in respect of the band's career, because previously he also design the previous album titled ' Life is Decay '.   The Album titled ' Our Frail Existence ' containing ten songs, now taken over by 'Noisehead Records'  label which sets the 1st February 2014 is the release date of this album.

There is little difference in the album this time, with the addition of personnel on an instrument of Bass, he is 'Wolf Labmayer', while the position of ' Ben Pauswek ' who previously played Bass, will now be set to be a Vocalis.   Earlier in the year 2011 and then, after the release of the album titled ' Life is Decay', 'Days Of Loss' also changed drummer, 'Max Fingernagel' replaced ' Tom Urbanek'.   The five personnel who already have the experience matured in the metal scene is very hard work in setting up this new album.

Formed in Austria in 1996, the band now consisted of Alexander Schmid (Lead Guitar), Ben Pauswek (Vocals), Ken Straetman (Rhythm Guitar), Wolf Labmayer (Bass), and Max Fingernagel (drums) has released four subsequent releases, the two were released on its own that is titled ' the Lobotomy (2001) ' and ' Sleeping Gods Lie (2004).   The Band also has a lot to do some gigs in Europe include: Austria, Poland, Czech Republic and Switzerland.  The Band has also succesful shared the stage with several big bands such as ' In Flames, Suffocation, Heaven Shall Burn, Brujeria '.   In addition, the album titled ' Life is Decay ' was released by the label ' Terrasound Records ' in 2009, managed to enter into the Nominations of 'Amadeus Music Award(Austrian Grammy)' for category Hard & Heavy in 2010.

Track List:
1. Prelude
2. Through Empty Eyes
3. This Frail Existence
4. Await Pain
5. Endtime
6. Catharsis
7. Wearing The Ashcrown
8. Corpsemourn
9. Circle's End
10. Thanatology

Line up 2013
Alexander Schmid - Lead Guitar
Ben Pauswek - Vocals
Ken Straetman - Rhythm Guitar
Wolf Labmayer - Bass
Max Fingernagel - Drums
Sperrbergstra├če 29
Breitenfurt bei Wien, Nieder├Âsterreich, Austria
+43 (0)681 103 19 389

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