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DECOMPOSED (Swe) - Devouring (2014) * Review

Hear the rhythm of the oldschool deathmetal Swedish style offered by ' Decomposed ' earlier in the year 2014 it through their second album titled ' Devouring ', are increasingly adding to our desire to hear music that is natural and is an existence of music composition having the force on the structure of the rhythm and tempo of each tone being played.

'Decomposed' succeeded in creating music that is consistent in every their song in this album. All songs on this album are very has the power of domination of oldschool deathmetal riffs especially the style of Sweden. Many incorporate the structure of the music is very cool and quiet, has a touch of music a deep, sometimes also crushing, and has the tempo of music that would have been consistent.

The rhythm of the Oldschool deathmetal very strong starts when the first heard the song titled 'Devouring ', this song is very cool, very natural and touching. Drum beats and aggressive vocals, very showed the oldschool deathmetal music character typical of Sweden. Have a quiet music tempo and cold back we heard at the beginning of tempo in the second song entitled 'Bloodsoaked Disarray', incorporating elements of crushing with a very characteristic melodic touch we've found in the middle of the tempo in this song.

Initiate a very melodic touches blend with added elements of catchy rhythm that we hear in the third song titled ' Abysmal Descent '. This song is one of our favorite songs on this album, because it has a rhythm that was very touching and very natural. Continue on a fourth song titled ' Voices of Endless Decay ', this song have a fast drum beats and is the most crushing song on this album.

Had a very quiet and deep musical Character is the other side of this Band. Not only managed to bring the oldschool deathmetal consistently, but this band has its own musical character, and that we could conclude after we heard over and over again the song after song in this album. This can be you notice on an instrument entitled ' Boiling Blood ' on the next track. Through this intro , Decomposed shows character of music that was hidden from them, and we think, this intro can represent their Character music actually, very cold and deep.

'Decomposed' managed to compose the structure of the song properly. We really enjoy their music as there are two main strands in their music are separated through that Intro titled ' Boiling Blood. ' The first Groove on four previous songs, describe the rhythm of the music is quiet and consistent with many entering the dominance of oldschool deathmetal typical Sweden, whereas the second line, we really enjoyed the comfortable rhythms are heard, lightweight and very touching with more crushing than on the first line, although still not eliminate their strong character on the style oldschool Deathmetal.

Back to the track, the three last songs ' Ode to the End ', ' From the Darkness ', and ' Decomposition ', is the better cover songs on this album and very classic. Through the Third track that has warm riffs and very intense, it can be concluded that 'Decomposed' successfully carries the Oldschool deathmetal is very consistent in every their song, having a musical composition comfortable heard and uncompromising, stay on track in deathmetal that offering a very natural musical structure by simplifying the arrangement on the song's tempo. Don't have an elaborate riff so easily impregnated and have excellent tone in making us more and always heard music which is cool and calm, very characteristic in this album. We are reminded of the tempo created by ' Unleashed ' more or less included in the concept of their music on this album, and we really enjoy all the strains of a very pure oldschool deathmetal at once natural in this album.

Track List:
1.     Devouring        
2.     Bloodsoaked Disarray        
3.     Abysmal Descent        
4.     Voices of Endless Decay        
5.     Boiling Blood        
6.     Ode to the End        
7.     From the Darkness        
8.     Decomposition

Line up 2014
Jesper EkstÄl - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jim Mattsson - Drums
Micke Holmbom - Rhythm Guitar
Joachim Lyngfelt - Bass



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