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EMBLUDGEONMENT - Infinite Regress (2013) * Review

Before we write a review about musicality from New Jersey Brutal Death Metaller ' Embludgeonment ' on their first album entitled ' Infinite Regress ', we deliberately first heard the albums from ' Insatanity, The Adept, Pyrexia, Waking Cadaver or Aurora Borealis '.   This we did, because we'd like to hear more about how the musicality of all personnel that we know together have a big hand of that bands on this album.

As we know that ' Embludgeonment ' is formed on the initiative of the musicians who are already mature and experienced in the world Metal Stage and have albums that are highly anticipated by the fans.   Among them, ' Ken England (Vocals) who is still active in the band 'The Adept', Guitarist 'Mike Mayo' from the 'Waking Cadaver',  he is also the former guitarist of ' The Adept.   'Lee Cozens (guitarist)' ex 'Pyrexia' and Drummer 'Mark Green' from 'Aurora Borealis',  'Mark' also the former drummer of the band 'Pyrexia and Insatanity'. 

Let's talk about how the composition of the music on the album ' Infinite Regress ' after we heard it repeatedly.   Play the basic concept of brutal death metal with a lot of enter the Grind rhythms though not comprehensive, but can we hear on each track, then remained dominated by blast beats in every song.   Turn a very light tempo makes the comfort of enjoying music composition on this album, in addition to slamming riffs a very balanced with a brutal and techniqal riffs that simple.   The concept is very often we hear every song and we really enjoyed it.   A touch of  heavy metal melodic riffs and catchy in every song applied remain stable, make ' Embludgeonment ' successfully created an experiment in music and make their music extremely variable.   Not to mention the Techniques 'Cookie Monster Vocals ' successfully applied by vocalis in every song, really enriching their music and give rise to the impression of constantly turning it over and over again.  After we heard the album as a whole and over and over again, makes us curious to trace how the concept of the music they apply in every song. Let us refer to.

This Album opens with the song titled ' Morbid Fixation ' which is our favorite song on the album.   Brings a touch of brutal death with some basic part of blast beats and occasionally have the dynamical grind rhythm and  the combination of extremely variable tempo makes the impression of the song is very complex.   By entering a fast lead guitar and amaze yet very catchy in the middle of a song, adding completeness in this song.   A touch of slamming by guitarist 'Mike Mayo ' on the end of the song as well as the character of the full Death Growl by 'Ken England' on his vocals and occasional scream, capable of making the song was very intense and dynamic.

Brings the same concept with the first song, the second song entitled 'Judas Complex',  'Embludgeonment' a little experimenting with changing the arrangement of the music tempo on this song.   Guitarist 'Lee Cozens' many plays the melody on this song as well as the Characters 'Death Grunt vocals' began to be shown in this song.   Continues on the third song titled ' Intrusive Pure O', Blast Beats and Slamming very dominate in this song, in addition to the aggressive and quick, this song also has a neat musical structure.

'Denomination Debauchery' is very dynamic and has a turnover of tempo which is light and easy to understand.   Almost similar to the concept of the music on their first song by incorporating elements of slamming on the end of the song, but this song has some part slightly different drum beats by 'Mark Green ' and  so bring the rhythm which blend thoroughly.

Have some element of music that is very balanced and harmonious is played by all instruments, makes us want to continue to hear the song to the song on this album, and we are dealing with a song titled ' Decease ', We are very interested to hear drum beats varies greatly in this song.   Besides, we also hear a very guitar melodies fused in this song.   The next song titled ' Dead End’s Own', begins with a scream by vocalis that aggressive and has a very dynamic musical structure with a lot of the full melodic guitar rhythm at the end of the song.  

'Hypodermic  Lust ' gives the almost same concept with the previous song 'Dead End’s Own', but in this song, there is a slightly different rhythm tempos on songs earlier, we heard the total domination of vocal Character and guitar riffs which vary widely.  The last song titled ' Binary Interstitiality ' very aggressive, uncompromising, dynamic drum beats and melody touches the very deep and riveting, we found only in this song.

Overall, We are very satisfied because it can still feel the influence of the musicality of all personnel in total they offer in this album, really very impressive, we could still hear a touch of Pyrexia's typical melodic riffs, or Waking Cadaver's slamming part . Not to mention a very thorough blast beat offered by 'Mark Green ' and especially we also enjoy brilliant vocals from the character of 'Ken England' which is very guttural, sometimes he also screaming, remained stable with the Death growl, makes us impressed with their musical style.  This Album is very characteristic if we see from the composition of the music has to offer.   Although not comprehensive, we could find some part slamming, always at the end of the song, we are also comfortable with the catchy melodic rhythms are very balanced with a touch of the rhythm of their music very neatly arranged.  We think this album has a very regular structure of music, let alone they incorporate many elements in their music that it was all done very harmonious and balanced.

The main thing that made us not get tired of hearing this album was the inclusion of some extreme metal elements in a song, and that's what we get for every song.  In addition, we can hear the strains of a brutal death is absolute, we were also impressed with the turn of the tempo that they apply, everything is tidy.   The Lead guitar is a very characteristic though is always applied in the middle of the song, but through the melodic rhythms displayed like this is making music that they offer is very characteristic, and not doubt our call that they successfully experimented on their music.

Track List:
1.     Morbid Fixation
2.     Judas Complex
3.     Intrusive Pure O
4.     Denomination Debauchery
5.     Decease
6.     Dead End’s Own
7.     Hypodermic Lust
8.     Binary Interstitiality 

Line up 2014
Mike Mayo- Guitar
Mark Green- Drums
Lee Cozens- Guitar
Ken England- Vocals


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