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ENTHRALLMENT set a release date for new album ' The Voice of Human Perversity '

The latest news comes from brutal death metaller from Bulgaria 'Enthrallment' that revealed that their fourth studio album, titled ' The Voice of Human Perversity ' will be released on 14 February 2014. And to be sure, this album will be released by two notable metal label, ' Rebirth of the Metal Production ' and ' Grindhead Records '.

To that end, ' ' Enthrallment has also released a brief trailer for the album that you can listen to here.

Previously, they have also released a song via streaming which is taken from the fourth album is titled 'Mummified Ante Mortem'.   For more info about news from 'Enthrallment', you can see on our pages

'Enthrallment' formed in Pleven, Bulgaria in 1998, and until now have Three Studio  albums, and One Split album. 'Enthrallment' many experienced personnel turnover. The first personnel are 'Chris Hristov (guitar), Ivo Ivanov (drums), Simeon Totev (bass) and Yasen kianov (vocals)'.   All four of these personnel could only released a demo before 'Plamen Bakardzhiev (Vocals)' and 'Dimitar Tonov (bass)' replace 'Ivo' and 'Simeon Totev' in 2001.   Along with 'Plamen', Enthrallment managed to release a mini album in 2011 called 'Burning Fields' was then released by ' Butchery Music '.

In 2006, the first full album release desire comes from the guitarists ' Chris Hristov ', He pulled back ' Ivo ' to join, and override the position 'Dimitar Tonov' with 'Todorov Lachez (Bass)'.    The Album ' Smashed Brain Collection ' was greeted warmly by deathmetal fans.   The 2nd Album, again replacing bassist, 'Vasil Furnigov ' stifled ' Lachez '.   For the 2nd Album ' Immerse Into Bloody Bliss ', the Metal Age Productions, which released this album.

Last year, Albums 'People from the lands of Vit' released by 'United Guttural Records'.   This Album is the first album for everyone where 'Enthrallment' have 5 personnel.   Occurring by large resuffle of personnel.  'Chris hristov' out of bands, 'Enthrallment add  three new ammunition, They Are ' Rumen Pavlop (bass)'.'Andrey Gegov (guitar)' dan 'Fasil Vurnigov (guitar)'.

Track List:
1.     Screams Etched Within the Crags        
2.     Rats Before the Worms        
3.     Mummified Ante Mortem        
4.     Rove in Hell        
5.     Stench of Burnt Down Sanctuary        
6.     Madness Coloured in Light        
7.     Tones of Gladness        
8.     Tool of Suicide 

 Line up 2013
Ivo Ivanov :Drums
Plamen Bakardzhiev :Vocals
Vasil Furnigov  : Guitars
Andrey Gegov  : Guitars
Rumen Pavlov :Bass

Official Media Link
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