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EVER-FROST - Departing Of Time (2013) * Review

A combination of the harmonic melodic music that is offered by the ' Ever-Frost ' on their first album titled ' Departing Of Time '.   Fixed based deathmetal with bring lots of elements of style Swedish melodic style and many incorporate melodic concentrate a very harmonic into a song, indicates a harmony of their music.   This kind of music composition, a delicacy especially for music lovers who like to hear music that varies.

'Ever-Frost' tried to offer the concept of music that has more than one rhythm and tone that always they make in every song on this album and many dominated by melodic riffs, Harmonic riffs, and the tempo of the music is very difficult but easy to enjoy.   Many melodic riff that sounds complicated but simple to be heard, because their smart set combinations between the tempo in a song.   Guitarists ' Enrico Annovi ' and ' Claudio Heartburn '  always put melodic rhythms in a tempo that is unique and difficult that impressed make their music more progressive.   And sometimes the two guitarists is also supplementing with a little touch of classical acoustics in their music.

Character vocal ' Francesco Leone ' aggressive and extremely variable, he entered a character screams, sometimes he growl and even clean sound that makes us really enjoy extremely variable this vocal character, very carried away with the atmosphere of an aggressive, soothing music and sometimes very angry.

Aggressive melodic touches a lot of coloring this album, and sometimes changes the tempo of a song done in making this album is very varied, very complete and get carried away with the strains of a very posh tone.   This begins with the cries of an aggressive vocalis in the beginning of the first tone of the song titled ' Departing of Time '.   This song is very powerful-dominated by the Swedish style, which can be seen from the melodic rhythm of touch from start to finish.   We were impressed with a very melodic touches a very elegant fused from the concept of their music that is melodic death.   The Tempo of the music that made by 'Federico Leone (Drummer)' is very prominent in this song, a lot of beats of drum very varied and we are interested in this song.

A harmonious song, they show on the second track titled ' The White Light Beyond the Wall ', has retained the groove music vary markedly.   In this song, 'Ever-Frost ' more focus in the preparation of the structure of the music is very neat and clean.   Have an energetic rhythms and very neat.   The song is the more comfortable you hear when you are in the middle of the track, there is a tone that is very alluring in this song. Very cool, you'll definitely find it.   This song is one of our favorite from this album.

Try listening to the back and want to enjoy a touch of harmony and melodic rhythms of extremely variable back we found in the song titled ' Revenge '.   Inserting elements in a catchy song with clean vocals, collaboration is another pleasure in this song, other than get carried away with the atmosphere of melodic touches and changes the tempo of those, made us so curious with some combination of a very elegant in this song.   We could hear the Melodic death with a very strong progressive touches in this song.   The progressive movement started from this song.

This is their show back on the song entitled ' Cosmic Evolution '.    Although a bit touch musical rhythms that eliminates the catchy, yet their music more dynamic if seen from a combination of the music tempo is applied.   Tempo change differs from the previous song, we find on the song titled 'Tear Down the Sky '.   The rhythm of the music is cool and has a very deep meaning lyrics, add variations of mood for listeners.  A high musicality indeed they show in this album. 

Back to enjoy the music of angry and crushing in the song titled ' Be Your Own God '.   A touch of Progressive is very clear in this song, incorporating many of the tempo into a song combined with melodic combinations and a mix of rhythms which are very different to the previous song, make this song very rich seen from the flow of the music.    Enjoy the progressive strongly can we enjoy in the last two songs titled ' At Glance into the End ', and ' Immortal Creed'.   These two tracks are very suitable to be ending the album, in addition to having a very rich musical combination than the previous song, two songs this we think is a good conclusion for this album.

With basic play deathmetal with melodic elements that are dominated by swift, a very harmonic rhythm, varied and very modern, progressive tempo mix as well as having different musical groove in each song is the very thing that we wanted on this album, besides we got a rich music and a high creativity of the personnel, the album titled ' Departing Of Time ' is so bring different grooves from other melodic death bands generally.   'Ever-Frost ' successfully set the rhythm and structure of music with both on this album.   Setting up a progressive rhythm in the last few songs, eventually could make us conclude their music.   Very elegant, their music is very rich and touching. If you want to hear a touch of typical Swedish melodic death, played with many variations of tempo, you have to hear this album.

A little bit about them, 'Ever- Frost', as the nowadays project, was born at the beginning of 2008, but the four founding members knew each other’s and played together since 2003. During the first years the guys used to play in different bands with different genres, then started to rehears together with the classical metal songs, becoming then a Sentenced cover band. After many line up changing they arrived in 2009 more tight-knit than ever and with a new rhythm guitarist, but most important with the first official recording, an EP called “The Awakening”, came out in January of that year.

Track List:
1.    Intro
2.    Departing Of Time
3.    The White Light Beyond The Wall
4.    Revenge
5.    Cosmic Evolution
6.    Tear Down The Sky
7.    Be Your Own God
8.    A Glance Into The End
9.    Immortal Creed

line up 2014
Francesco Leone: Vocals
Enrico Bonetti: Bass Guitars
Federico Leone: Drums
Enrico Annovi: Lead & Rhytym Guitars
Claudio Mulas: Rhythm Guitar

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