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FRAGARAK - Crypts of Dissimulation (2013) * Review

Hear music is extremely variable in its own pleasure for us.  Because it will get satisfaction to enjoy music that is complex and that's what we get from the album titled ' Crypts of Dissimulation ' from the Progressive death metallers from India named ' Fragarak '. 

First of all, we were impressed by musical structure is very complex and very neat, they are very smart to put a different musical grooves in a song.   They create a lot of tempo in a song that we think is very neat, clean and solid despite the fact that they play a rhythm riff is pretty simple, but they can exploit it into a rhythm that is fused with the composition of the music very complex and always changing tone in a song that they create.

And second, we are very impressed with the appearance of bassist ' Kartikeya Sinha'  and drummer ' Sagar Siddhanti ' that makes their music come alive, A very brilliant abilities of both of these personnel, roles determine the flow of the music and tempo in all their songs.   A touch of Bass and drums very coloring their music and give its own distinctive character, create by 'Fragarak'.   The two Guitarists ' Arpit Pradhan' and 'Ruben Franklin' is also greatly offset the Groove tones of bassist and drummer, with a touch of acoustic harmonic and melodic guitar riff that was very cool to make their music became a very brilliant.   Not only that, the vocals characters Scream and Growl by Supratim Sen' very balanced completes the harmony of their music.

An appreciation should be given to them, because it is capable of creating a work that we think is very rare now.   We are pleased with this album, because we can hear elements of modern or oldschool deathmetal, we also touched with melodic death riffs they play.   We also banging upon hearing touch of thrash which they combine it naturally .   A little dark Shades are increasingly adding to the pleasure of hearing this album.   This Album is really very markedly.

The Album opens with the touch of a very cool acoustic harmonics and captivate us, titled 'Savor The Deviance'.   Balanced Melodic riffs, they successfully apply in a combination of Thrash and Melodic death with very solid.   The song lasts about nine minutes more, already very simply gives you a complex musical composition consisting of a lot of tempo and unique grooves.  Very Elegant.

The second track entitled ' Insurgence ' dominated with many melodic death riffs with very harmonious and tried to put it into a dark shades, it also they offer on the fifth track entitled ' Cryptic Convulsion'.

The third song titled ' Effacing The Esotery ' is a song that is very solid and dynamic.   They re-enter the acoustic harmonic touches in the middle of the song.   In our opinion, this song really has a composition of music is very total particularly in Melodic elements.

A touch of acoustic back we found in an intrumental song titled ' Dissimulation: An Overture, ' which is very cool and soothing.   A touch of acoustic guitars are very dazzle and very touching.   It is also they did on last intrumental titled ' Psalm Of Deliverance '.

Have a very varied music composition with has a myriad of tones in a song that is very stable and has a lot of tempo that they put in a song makes their music very rich and very pretentious to be enjoyed.  ' Fragarak ' gives a meaning is widely echoed, and tried to show the creativity of music in total.

Overall, we feel not satisfied reviewing this album through this short article, it feels like again, again and again. Much else to say about this album, many aspects we should point out, hear their music kept us transfixed because it has a very rich music composition.   Long-we are eager to hear their music fully and finally achieved. We are very grateful to the friends of ' Trancending Obscurity' which gives the chance to us to hear and review this album.

Track List:
1.     Savor the Defiance     09:44
2.     Insurgence 06:47
3.     Effacing the Esotery 07:52
4.     Dissimulation: An Overture 04:13    
5.     Cryptic Convulsion     08:00
6.     Psalm of Deliverance

Line Up 2014
 Supratim Sen - Vocals
Kartikeya Sinha - Bass
Arpit Pradhan - Guitar
Ruben Franklin - Guitar
Sagar Siddhanti - Drums


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