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FROZEN HELL - Rise! (Ep 2013) * Review

Comes with carrying the composition of melodic rhythm is very intense as well as successfully balancing the thrash riffs in lightweight comfort us in enjoying music via their first Ep titled ' Rise '. Not only that, 'Frozen Hell' also managed to play riffs  that captivated with a very melodic blend appropriate the basic rhythm of their music which dominated by Melodic deathmetal music structure.

Character Vocal ' Andrea Bertazzo ' a very dynamical brings their music rhythm became more characteristic, as well as the typical drum beats of ' Patrick Stradiotto ' accompanies melodic touches from the two guitarists ' Francesco Roncato and Michael Cirillo ' makes us discover a quiet and cool shades in enjoying their music. It reasoned, because when we heard the song to the song on this album, We listened to the rhythms which is very consistent and very tidy,  play the tempo very stable overall but not boring because they managed to put together a balanced concept between melodic and Thrash riffs.  Not only that, we could hear the Bass instrument of the ' Alberto Zanin ' a very prominent and drum beats of 'Patrick Stradiotto' a very typical and very unique takes their music into a very characteristic.  In our opinion, if the drummer 'Patrick Stradiotto' and bassist 'Alberto Zanin ' playing with follow the guitar rythyms, maybe it just sounds the same with other melodic death album, but due to a dazzling skill of two personnel that make music ' Frozen Hell ' sounds more typical and characteristic, as well as very easy to remember. We are very comfortable in it.

Now, let's look at the composition of their music from song to song.   The Album begins with a drum intro, and continued with the song titled ' Useless Memories '.   Starting with a musical flow crushing but very comfortable, very aggressive vocal character balanced master all the beat in this song.   This song also has the structure of a very powerful melodic deathmetal riffs with melodic riffs are fused. The same thing they show in the second track entitled ' Face Me' yet more powerful.

Turning to the third song is also the title of this Ep ' Rise '.   This song is indeed suitable to serve as the title track, because in our opinion, this song is very representative of their actual musical character that plays a melodic deathmetal overall but also managed to balance the thrash riffs lightweight, so it is very easy for this song, due to the infused has a solid riffs going melodic, in addition, this song has a very dynamic musical structure and very memorable.

Try the same concept with the song ' Rise ', we hear the next song titled 'Interrupted'.  The song is fairly quiet, has a very catchy melodic touch and alluring.  Different from the previous song, next on the track titled 'Until Daybreak',  they tried to play a slightly different tempo.   If we compare it to the tempo of the previous songs, this song features vocals and Bass character domination more highlighted with touches of Thrash featured a more powerful though not eliminating the melodic strains of every rhythm in this song.

Overall, 'Frozen Hell' plays the melodic death rhythms are dominant while there are some of those who managed to enter the beat-rhythmic thrash in a balanced way.  The song titled 'Rise' is very representative of the album's conclusion.   In addition to representing the character of their music as a whole, the song 'Rise' also has a character different from their other songs, a touch of light as well as Thrash tempo changes make this song very varied and very harmonious.

In General, all of the songs on this album have a structure and tempo of music that is stable and consistent.  Very quiet and easy to remember, aggressive Vocal Characters, a touch of the typical bass as well as drum beats characteristic, make their music more dynamic, impressed with the melodic tones of the two guitarists of merging and always accompany the tempo change occurring in each song.   Just info, ' Frozen Hell ' also cover songs from 'Amon Amarth' titled 'The pursuit of death ' which is the last song on this album.

A little story about the formation of this band that we quote from their biography.  The Band was formed in Italy in 2011, when Pat (the drummer) began to search for musicians to form a Metal band with melodic and Heavy influences. Until now several members have been changed, and the current formation sees Pat at the drums, Ronko as lead guitar, Michael as rhythm guitar, Tazzo as vocalist and Tech at the bass.  With this well shaped team, the band is ready to make its music known.  In January 2013 they've recorded an EP titled "Rise!", formed by 6 powerful songs, 3 of them are available on the Reverbnation.  After long time, Michael decided to follow hai way getting the band off.  So that Zucc joined the band to work for the upcoming album.

Track List:
1.     Incoming Chaos        
2.     Useless Memories        
3.     Face Me        
4.     Rise!        
5.     Interrupted        
6.     Until Daybreak
7.     The Pursuit Of Death (Amon Amarth medley cover)

Line up 2014
Alberto Zanin :Bass   
Patrick Stradiotto :Drums
Francesco Roncato :Guitars (lead)
Michael Cirillo :Guitars (rhythm)
Andrea Bertazzo :Vocals

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