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HALAHKUH - Desecration (Ep 2013) * Review

We especially enjoyed the music composition that has the solid melodic tones offered by band from India ' Halahkuh ' through their debut Ep entitled ' Desecration '.   Filled with enchanting melodies and very awesome in every tempo rhythm in each of the songs on this album.

Not only that, the very aggressive vocal character of the rhythm of the music, making their music very easy to remember.   Occasionally enter core touches make their rhythm of the music more character.   Shades Of Epic also be positive additions for their music on this album.  Death and Thrash riff composition which is very well balanced and has a very neat musical structure makes us more comfortable to hear this album.

Epic melodic full concentration, they give an intro titled ' Ordeal '.    With a tone of calm and very cold, very fittingly placed to introduce their music on this album.   A combination of Melodic Death Thrash began the first tone in the song titled 'Sacrilege (feat. Shashank Bhatnagar)', with offset core in some touches of tempo, the song became markedly with the melodic strains of a guitar very unified on the rhythm of the song.

The same thing they show in a song called 'Possessed Strangulated And Enslaved', remained stable with a melodic riffs and eliminating touch of core, making this song has a very strong dominance on the melodic death structure that they offer, are very aggressive and they managed to play melodic death with many more modern touches in this song.

The last song titled ' In Extremis ', we think is a song that can describe the conclusions of all the songs on this album.   By hearing this song, we were able to conclude that ' Halahkuh ' successfully implement all elements of melodic in every song, we could hear the melodic feel of epic, we also hear a very melodic kill, fast and very aggressive.   We can also feel the touch of the core although a bit.    Character vocal from ' Prakhar Soni ' very distinctive and aggressive is the character of the band.    'Halahkuh ' also offers a more modern melodic death because it managed to unite elements of Thrash, Death and Core in a balanced way and is fused.   The music has a structure that sleek and very catchy made us very touched to hear the strains of the rhythm of the music on this album.

A little explanation about this band, ' Halahkuh ' is a new band in the metal scene, formed in the year 2011 in India.   Although still relatively new, but the quality as well as the concept of the music they make is very mature and ripe, you will hear a dazzling melodic touch and thorough in every song on this album.  'Halahkuh' as a quartet is a destructive unit,having derived its name from a ruthless mongol ruler 'Hulagu Khan' (descendant of the famous mongol ruler Genghis Khan)', depicts the same kind of intensity and power in their music.   The music speaks about the harshest moments and the struggles of life.

Track List:
1.  Ordeal
2.  Sacrilege (feat. Shashank Bhatnagar)
3.  Possessed Strangulated and Enslaved
4.  In Extremis

Line up 2014
Vocals/ Bass - Prakhar Soni
Lead Guitar- Chinmay Bokil
Rhythm Guitar- Subhrajyoti Sarkar
Drums/ Percussions - Prasenjit 'Bappi' Paul


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