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IMMORAL HAZARD - Convulsion (2014) * Review

When trying to hear the opening song album titled ' Pitch Black ' from the Thrasher from Greece, we immediately impressed with a touch of guitar riffs that very fresh brings the concept of music is very powerful.  What is offered by 'Immoral Hazzard' really interesting to be enjoyed.  In addition to the quality of their fresh Thrashmetal and dynamic musical structure, we also hear some classic touches like character music from ' Testament ' although not comprehensive, but whatever it is, for us, that we could be impressed with collectivity of all the instruments played well and gave a musical composition that is consistent from beginning to end of the song.

The Characters of thrash music played by 'Immoral Hazard ' on their first album entitled ' Convulsion ' has a neat music grooves, turn the tempo they did also very stable, although there was not much to apply it in a song.   We could hear fast tempo, or sometimes they would play the slow tempo. Extremely variable and we really get carried away the atmosphere heard this album.

'Pitch Black ' is our favorite song on the album, a song that is perfect as the opener of this album, in addition to describing their music as a whole, but this song could add to the interest and curiosity to hear the next songs.   This song is very fast and energic with touches of thrash rhythms that banging. Be curious to know how the next songs, we hear the Mid Tempo is they play in the second track entitled ' Reborn '. the song features musical structure is stable and consistent.

Continues on the third song titled ' Self Enemy'.   The song features the same concept with the track ' Reborn '.   In addition to the very catchy, this song also has stable mid tempo strains from beginning to end.   A song called ' Vultures ' Dance ' is our favorite song too, still plays a mid tempo, the song is quite simple but attractive to Sung.   The song also features a guitar harmony passages strains can be found in the middle of the track.   The song is catchy and well that we enjoy it.

Quick and amazing of the strains as 'Pitch Black', we hear in the song titled 'Mentors'.   Have an aggressive rhythms but still balanced with the variations tempo they play.   This song is solid and very cool.   As we mentioned above, in addition you can enjoy a quick and quiet tempo, you can also enjoy the slow tempo, and that we find on the song titled 'Dead End Trails'.  This song is very cool and very memorable.

Back to a fast tempo, the song titled ' Eternal Exile ', all elements of thrash, Oldschool or Modern applied in this song.   This song is banging and crushing without eliminating a neat music composition.   The song titled ' Alcowhore ' may we think is extremely variable song, in addition to the tone of the thrash band's basic concept, we also find some part element Groove metal and melodic touches a very unified and very catchy.

We assume that the last two songs titled ' Haven ' and ' Last Nerve ' is an idea of how their music character is actually.  The two songs are interesting, they're willing to put a lot of tempo in the song. A song that brings the atmosphere, very good flow, has a balanced riffs as well as the music collectivity neat and very mature. This song also has a touch of classic thrash riffs . We really enjoyed it.

Our conclusion regarding this album, ' Immoral Hazard ' play thrash with more than one tempo, we could enjoy the fast music flow, medium or slow and certainly we're not tired of hearing it.   All the riffs they play very simple, catchy and of course our very easy to absorb.  This made an impression when we heard the whole song in this album.   The structure of the song is also very well they apply, we really get carried away hear it ambience, we hear the Oldschool or modern Thrash, Groove metal, and melodic guitar touches a very unified in any of their songs.  Not only that, heard some of the songs on this album, a bit of nostalgia with the rhythm of the characters have bands like 'Testament, Onslaught or Artillery '.

Just Info about the album. The first Album entitled ' Convulsion ' will be released on March 9, 2014, and now you can already order it in a digital version on their Bandcamp site which we will attach to the end of this article. ' Convulsion ' successfully recorded, mixing and mastering by ' Stelios "Stelth" Koslidis', to drums, the recording was done in ' Stone House Studios ' joint ' Michalis Gougolis '. Artwork is entrusted to ' Peter Takacs '.

A little story about ' Immoral Hazard' that We quote from their Biography.  'Immoral Hazard' is a metal band from Thessaloniki, Greece. The band was formed in late 2009. They have created their own sound, influenced by not only heavy metal, but also by other music genres as well.  The band has released a demo entitled “A Minor Innovation” in 2010. They just finished recording their full-length album, entitled “Convulsion” and plan on playing more live shows.

Track List:
1.     Pitch Black
2.     Reborn
3.     Self Enemy
4.     Vultures Dance
5.     Mentors
6.     Dead End Trails
7.     Eternal Exile
8.     Alcowhore
9.     Haven
10.     Last Nerve

Line up 2014
Teo Matzaridis (vocals, guitars)
Angelos Panos (guitars)
Tolis Giannoulis (drums)
Alex Terelidis (bass)


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