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INTERFECTORMENT - Diorama Teatrikal Pembantaian (Ep 2013) * Review

Very cruel and very noisy, envelop the composition of pure brutal death with many dominated by very crushing Hyper Blasting beats from start to finish as well as very harmonious with the fast guitar rhytyms and occasionally very grooved and tidy marking the turn of tempo in their musical compositions.  Not infrequently too, the band incorporates many different tempo in any of their songs, and often put the slamming riffs to adorn the turn of tempo the music they create. and that surely will make the composition of the brutal music they play impressed very solid.

Uncompromising, certainly aggressive with touches of crushing they play makes the songs on this album are more intense against a high tempo.  The Album is dominated by the speed and the accuracy of the string or blast beats that really stood out and brought the whole concept of rhythm in every song in this album,  , Impressed without a break to play the tempo of this blasting.  The composition of the Dynamic guitar rhythm and aggressive also plays a major role in creating a comfortable brutal music be heard.  We hear a lot of the guitar touch very equals with beats the rhythm of drums, a jumping techniques successfully applied in some of the songs that we hear this album very consistent in terms of musical composition.  We also highlight a steady vocal character in every rhythm and is fused with the strains of a rhythm or tempo performed by drummer.   'Rivaldy Bayu Aji' successfully completed his parts well with his death growl character and sometimes he also grunts, and all this he did with consistent.

Want to hear more about the concept of music in every song on their first Ep titled ' 'Diorama Teatrikal Pembantaian', we found the first noise with the song titled ' 'Cannibalism of Dismembered Entrails'.  In this first track, composition of a brutal rhythm they play very balanced with lots of play the slamming rhythms in the mid song though not comprehensive but it was done very harmonious.   Their music in this song is more dynamic and raises a bit the impression most brutal songs on this album.  Continued noise again on the second track titled ' Injecting the Creep '.   Have almost the same musical concept, but in this song, ' Interfectorment ' more plays the strong music grooved  very aggressive and extremely variable, In addition to the guitar riffs are lighter compared to the first song, their music in this song is grooved and arranged neatly.

Hyper blasting beats they apply in this album really a huge impact in their songs.  All the songs having the same character but it must be recognized that ' interfectorment' play brutal music with very good visions, having music that is consistent and steady tempo on each of their songs.

Back to the track, the third song is the tittle track  'Diorama Teatrikal Pembantaian' back to add to the noise in your ear, Pure sick brutal death they really apply in this song, play a high tempo is a strong character in this song. Drummer ' Dendy Ramdhani ' really brings the power of turbo on his blast beats.   Very impressive.

The next song titled ' Thy Will Be Butchered ', in this song the Guitarist ' Agung Prasetia' play little different riffs and we think is the most riveting guitar tone on this song, but remain consistent with the fundamental rhythm of the hyper blasting.   In this song, 'Interfectorment' plays the character of their music, the song is actually a very characteristic and is a song that we like best on this album.   In addition the bassist 'Teguh Prasetyo' bring different scents in this song, you can certainly find it in this song.   Have the groove music and character at the same time, they show up again in the last song titled ' Parade Tubuh Tanpa Kepala'.  We really enjoyed it

The last two tracks, according to our view as music lovers are the two songs that can describe their true characters.   Overall, all of the songs on this album are very consistent, very brutal, hyper blasting everywhere, Parts of stable slamming and Very adorn music , as well as all the instruments played his role well, harmonious and balanced.

The Album 'Diorama Teatrikal Pembantaian' is a good start for the newly formed band in Indonesia in 2012.  They have character and successfully applying the concept of pure sick brutal death metal.   We are also happy to hear this album,  because we still want a noise touches of Putridity, Gorgasm, Defeated Sanity or Disgorge.   They play the most cruel Brutal death but they also pay attention to the structure of the music is very intense and dynamic. Very satisfying and salud.

Just info about the album. Their Debut Ep entitled 'Diorama Teatrikal Pembantaian' was released by label 'Deathfans Records 'on December 16, 2013.   For artwork designed by Bvll Xick '.   The material for this first Ep they've set up since the beginning of 2013.  Although composed of young man but they have the concept of a mature music and have a great musical vision.   Must be retained

Track List:
1. Cannibalism Of Dismembered Entrails
2. Injecting The Creep
3. Diorama Teatrikal Pembantaian
4. Thy Will Be Butchered
5. Parade Tubuh Tanpa Kepala 

 Line up 2013
 Rivaldy : Vocal
Agung : Guitar
Dendy : Drum
Teguh : Bass

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c/o Arie Suwarno
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RT003/10 Cluster Vila Ciater
Bekasi 17415
+62 8388884666
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