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Techniqal Deathmetaller from Belgium ' Pestifer ' will release a second album entitled ' Reaching The Void ' March of this year.   Nine Tracks they have to prepare.   The Album ' Reaching The Void ' will be released by French metal label ' Great Dane Records '.

The recording process of the album ' Reaching The Void ' starting December 2012 in the studio 'Le Pōle Image de Liėge'.   Mastering was done by ' Victor Bullok ' which also handles ' Obscura, Pestilence and Trypticon ' and the process of Mixing is done by the ' Jeremy Stoz began in July 2013. For album Cover art, the band entrusted the entire design to 'David Caryn '.
And for that, we got a chance to do a little interview about the concept music of the second album, see the interview here.

1.  We know that 'Pestifer'  is one of Europe's Techniqal Death Metal band many insert some elements of music into a song, and it is very evident on the first album released in 2010 entitled 'Age Of Disgrace' that makes the  label 'Ultimhate Records' re-released this album in 2011 because of the many great acclaim from metalhead in the World. 
We want to know, did the new album 'Reaching The Void' has a brilliant musical concept is similar to the first album 'Age Of Disgrace'? please explain in detail to us.

Hi Haris. No, we didn’t change our way to write songs, so you don’t have to expect big changes in our style. We still put a lot of riffs and influences into a song, because we don’t want the listener to be bored too quickly. It’s important for us to create music as a travel, with different moods and speeds. The main difference with Age of Disgrace is maybe the writing process of the songs, because we had to start from zero. For a first album, a band generally have a lot of riffs written over the years, but once this one is recorded, you have to create all new stuffs from nothing. So this time we wrote more as a band, with everyone involved. It took us a lot of time because we want each of us to be satisfied, there is no tyrant in the band to tell the others what to do !
2.  New Album ’Reaching  The Void’  will consist of nine track Techniqal.  Trying to explain to us in detail about the concept of lyrics like what you would like to speak on this album later? , And tell us, what song are you rely on in this album?

Lyrics are mostly based on imaginary universes. Several songs are inspired by books. For example, the fourth song, "Tree of Thorns" is directly linked to Dan Simmons saga: Hyperion. Or, the song "Positronic Symphony" is inspired by Isaac Asimov's universe. We don't especially like concrete messages like "stop polluting the world". We prefer to imagine how the world would look like after polluting it too much. Imaginary universes are not a truth, they are mostly possibilities, nightmares or dreams. That rather fits our music which actually never really tend to be concrete. Our songs evolve again and again with new sounds and colors. That's why you barely can hear chorus in our music. We'd prefer you to imagine it ;-)

3.  Now it's time for your album to be heard by the world, the fact that you have done since the release of the first album, as the album up in Asia and we have it and really enjoy the music that varied from you.   We want to know in the new album later, can you describe in outline,   Elements of music such as what are the most dominant in the new album later?
Cool, we didn’t know that people in Asia appreciate Pestifer, or Even that some people knew us!!That’s great!! Well, it’hard to describe your own music since you’re involved in it and as you see every step of the creation. The most dominant aspect is probably that the music is full and complex. You have a lot of notes to hear ! However, compared to the previous album, this one maybe have more mid-tempos and « catchy »riffs, but always mixed with complex and fastest aspects.

4.  In the process of making the album ’Reaching The Void’.   According to you, what you guys have experienced difficulties in this album ?
Difficulties were many, but I think the most important was that we had a deadline to the studio. As I told before, we had to start from zero, and we’re not riff machines… It takes us a lot of time to build a song. This time we had the dates of recording before having all the song, so we were quite in a rush to be ready.  

5.  Talk about your big hopes in 2014 than released the album, if there was any great hope you guys want to win again in 2014?

We hope of course that Reaching the Void will receive good feedbacks from the metalheads and the press. We first do music for our own taste, but it’s great when other appreciate too ! We had a lot of good reviews for Age of Disgrace, so we hope to reach the same level with this one. And we want to continue to play gigs everywhere we can over Europe and Futher if  have that chance!! I guess it’s like all the bands, we would like keep growing, have the opportunity to get more gigs and better gigs.

6.  This new Album will be released by the label  ’Great  Dane Records’, we know many released albums from unique bands such as ‘Architect of Seth, the Carcariass, Anachronia or Whispering Tears’.   We want to know from you, of what your expectations about this label? And explain to us, why you chose this label?

Actually, we were playing a gig in France and the label manager came to see us and offer a contract. This was before we start to search for a label, I don’t remember if the album was mixed at that time. The deal he offered was ok for us, and we knew some of the bands from his label. It is as simple as that. We expect to have good relation, and that they’ll do good job in promotion and distribution. We hope not to have the same experience that we had with Ultimhate records. (lack of human communication, cd that were not send…)
7.  Oke My Friend, now it's time your choices about the band's explanation, please explain to us what is the very thing that affects you in music? , if I may know, is there a band that most inspire you in creating a concept of music?

It’s hard to say. When you start a band, it’s easy because generally, you have a four or five guys reunion who want to play a particular style, because they love same bands and kind of music. For us, back then it was Death and the likes. Mostly the early Floridian death metal scene. But today ? Each of us evolved in his life and tastes. I don’t think we listen to the same music. So I guess our main influence is our first album :D I mean we put the foundations of how we want Pestifer to sound in our first demo. Now we keep this particular shape, but the music that influences us is different for everyone, and different from what we used to listen ten years ago. So that’s maybe one of the part that’s make Pestifer Music, we have the Death Metal influence as base, mix with all the stuff we listen each in turn. Another thing we try to keep is the “technical” aspect used in the most musical way we can. Technique should serve music!

8.  We read in some media that you once shared the stage with big  band ‘Nile’, which was a great experience for the band.   Do the same thing by sharing the stage with the band big band will be  you do it again this year? If we may know, are there any plans to do a single concert to promote a new album later this year?

Actually we did 14 dates with Nile in western Europe, and yes it was a very enjoyable experience. We also did tour with Kataklysm, Krisiun, Malevolent Creation and Vital Remains, and opened for other big names here and there. (Aborted, exhumed, Channel Zero,Vile,…) We of course will tour again as soon as we have the opportunity, but keep in mind that we all have a job and a life outside music, so it’s quite difficult to get the five members free at the same period to tour. 

For our next shows, we wait for the album to be out. We have one single gig to do in a near future, in Paris. We are currently working on the agenda and a release party, and we have gig planned in Paris. But since there is some fucking contest to play at every single fest in the area, it’s harder to get gigs without sucking some balls…

9.  Our last Question. According to you, how the development of deathmetal in Belgium? If there is a bid to play in Asia,  Are you pleased to do it?

Deathmetal in Belgium ? It’s not really the most popular style in here. I don’t think there is any developpement… Only few bands like ours, who don’t give up over the years. Maybe in other styles of metal, but I don’t know.

An offer to play in Asia would be awsome of course. It would be like a dream, but I guess the flight costs are very expensive to go from Europe to Asia. And we are not a famous band so nobody will pay for us ;-).   If you know a very rich guys who wants us to come and who pay the airplane, we’re ok ! Sure if we have the opportunity to come over Asia and we can afford the conditions, we do not hesitate!!!We see over here that more and more band make the trip, so maybe in a near future!!

1.  Witness of the Lost
2.  Exiled To The Abyss
3.  Sarchopaga
4.  Three Of Thorns
5.  Abominations
6.  Within the Void
7.  The Earthling Chronicles
8.  Orbital Failure
9.  Positronic Symphony

 Line Up 2014
Adrien Gustin :Bass
Phil Gustin: Drums
Antoine Paterka :Guitars
Emerson Devresse : Guitars
Jérôme Bernard :Vocals 

Interview succesful done on the 23rd of january, 2014, at 15: 35

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