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JOYLESS JOKERS - Taste Of Victory (2012) * Review

A very mature musical concept back we present to you a love with an aggressive music. Yes, they are 'Joyless Jokers', they carry melodic deathmetal style in their own way, make the music concept very aggressively with dominated with a touch of deathmetal in the scope of more modern.   Guitar riffs are very energic, uncompromising vocals characters gobble up the rhythms in every tempo. Very solid and very impressive.

Melodic touches on instrument of keyboard very enriching their music, as if the very hidden but could largely determine the rhythm of their music as a whole.   Supported by an energetic guitar and melodic character, making their music look more collective, if seen from the musical structure. You can also hear a little touch of core on some of the songs are very well balanced and fused.

We follow from song to song and get a character they especially on some fast guitar riffs.  There seems to be some elements of Melodic Swedish syle try they put on some songs.  It ' s a good combination of them .   And in our opinion, they managed to play a melodic deathmetal concept character with their own style,  and the main thing is it makes us very comfortable hear it.

The Album titled 'Taste Of Victory ' opens with a song called ' Rain ', hear the strains of aggressive at the beginning of the song, made us curious traces the rhythm of this song in full, and up to the mid song until the very end, we heard a very balanced guitar touches and very solid control of the entire song on tempo.   The same thing again they show on the second track titled ' Murder in Me ' which has a guitar riffs are fast and very energic.   This song is our favorite song, because it has a catchy rhythms, simple but still solid.    In this song too, a touch of the keyboard tone began to appear and they make this song very touching and very memorable because it has the concept of a brilliant music.

Aggressive and fast also indicated on the third track entitled 'Scream', keyboard started to dare to play its role in this song that brings the soul in this song.  A slightly different drum beats to come by on the fourth track titled 'Point Of No Return'.   The next song, entitled 'Whispers to Shadows' accentuate the characters of more aggressive vocals are very dominating.

Touch of core bit feels on the song ' Hopeless ' but did not eliminate their characters are aggressive and this song is very harmonic.   The combination of Pure Melodic death successfully apply them in the last two songs titled ' I'll Watch You Die ' and ' Taste of Victory '.

Overall, the band managed to bring his melodic death throughout the songs on this album.  Has music that is very aggressive and a little extra that might be neat is their main character.   Energic, fast, uncompromising vocals Character, has a solid musical structure is another side of the band.  If you want to hear a little touch of the rhythm of the band like 'Amon Amart' but in more modern and aggressive, you should hear their music on this album.

'Joyless Jokers' formed in Vicenza, Italy in 2006 by three brothers Rudy Girardello (guitar), Thomas Girardello (vocals,bass) and Jader Girardello (keyboards), Through this third cold hands, they managed to release a demo in 2007 and do some show.   The Band became complete with the inclusion of two band members named ' Michele Brunetti (guitar), and Matteo Ioverno (drums) in 2008.  With a complete personnel, they are trying to seriously write songs, until finally they managed to share the song in a compilation album in 2008 titled ' METAL PARTY Vol2 ' with song titled ' Chapter to Forgive '.

After that, they are trying to create a vision of a better musical again successfully released an Ep titled ' the Arms Of Darkness ' which contains the five songs of pure melodic death.

Track List:
1.     Rain
2.     Murder in Me
3.     Scream
4.     Point of No Return
5.     Whispers to Shadows
6.     Hopeless    
7.     I'll Watch You Die
8.     Taste of Victory

Line Up 2013
Matteo Ioverno :Drums
Michele Brunetti : Guitars
Rudy Girardello : Guitars
Jader Girardello : Keyboards
Thomas Girardello : Vocals, Bass 


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