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KILL RITUAL Releases Teaser for their Upcoming Album 'The Eyes Of Medusa'

As we know, that ' Kill Ritual ' ready will be releasing their second album titled ' The Eyes Of Medusa ' on April 4, 2014. To support the album, they have recently released a teaser of the album you can hear here. For more details about this album, you can visit our page

'Kill Ritual' was formed in 2010 by guitarist 'Steve Rice' and  the drummer ' Wayne DeVecchi ' which is a former personnel of the thrash band ' Imagika (Split-Up) '.   Then they recruited 'Eldritch's guitarists 'Roberto Proietti',  former Bassist of 'Dark Angel'  i.e. ' Danyael Williams ' and Vocalis ' Josh Gibson '.

They released their debut album in 2012 entitled 'The Serpentine Ritual'.   This Album is the result of a merger of the background music from the personnel.  The combination of Thrash, Power, or Pure Heavymetal very intense in this album.  They also have a music composition is more fresh and modern.   The Album itself was released by ' Scarlet Records '.

This second Album will also introduce a new drummer named 'Gee Anzalone' also played on the Progressive Thrash band thrash 'Braindamage' and is a release without the presence of Guitarist ' Roberto Proietti '.

Track List:
01. The Eyes Of Medusa
02. Hair Trigger
03. Never Get Me
04. Ride Into The Night
05. Weight Of The World
06. Writing On The Wall
07. Just Another Sin
08. My Little Sister
09. Unleashed
10. Agenda 21
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