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KUOLEMANLAAKSO the second studio album officially released February 2014

Finnish Death Doomster ' Kuolemanlaakso ' ready to release their second studio album titled ' Tulijoutsen (The Fire's Swan) ' under the banner of ' Svart Records ' on the 28th February 2014.   The Album contains eight songs of Finland and include bonus tracks titled ' Raadot Raunioilla ' in this digipak  is the biggest achievement for the band and They are very focus preparing this album.   A very epic cover art was created by designer ' Maahy Abdul Muhsin ' of Maahy's Art.  

The Album was once again produced by ' V. Santura (Triptycon/Dark Fontress) '.   The Album titled ' Tulijoutsen ' would be more complex than the previous album titled 'Uljas uusi maailma' and 'Musta aurinko nousee' ' because it will have a lot more melody and fresh surprises in a set rhythm.   They are also more willing to create new tones in this album.   A lot of talk about nature and have deep lyrics that are in increasing harmonization of this album.   For that, a song titled ' Tuonen Tähtivyö'  recently released and you can listen here.

Label 'Svart Records ' also has opened the pre-order for the album, you can visit a link that we provide under this article.   In detail, the 'Tulijoutsen (The Fire's Swan) ' will be released in several versions.   In addition the digipak version, album will be released in the LP Red version limited to 150 copies and Black LP limited to 350 Copies.

'Kuolemanlaakso' began  career in a metal world stage in 2010 in kuopio, Finland.   Though newly formed, many achievements that already they can provide: their first album titled 'Uljas uusi maailma' work ranks 6th on on the Rumba independent record store chart and #42 on the official Finnish album chart in 2012.

The Band's most revered in their country have been doing a lot of gigs in Finland, mainly perform at Tuska Open Air Festival.  The success, the band gets more enterprising wrote the album, including the release of an ep titled ' Musta aurinko nousee ' containing four songs are also released by the label ' Svart Records ' in November last year.

Track List:
01. Aarnivalkea
02. Verihaaksi
03. Me Vaellamme Yössä
04. Arpeni
05. Musta
06. Glastonburyn Lehto
07. Tuonen Tähtivyö
08. Raadot Raunioilla


Line up 2013
From left to right: 
Laakso (guitar & keys)
Usva (bass)
Kotamäki (vox)
Kouta (guitar)
Tiera (drums)


Svart Records
Puutarhakatu 49
20100 Turku
+358 40 570 4842
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