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LAY DOWN ROTTEN Streaming track called ' Deathspell Catharsis '

As we know, that the Germany deathmetaller ready to release their seventh studio album on 27 January 2014 in Europe and the UK via  label 'Apostacy Records'.  The Album titled 'Deathspell Catharsis' will also be released in North America on 11 February 2014.  To an album cover, Lay Down Rotten entrust to 'Toshihiro Egewa' who ever design album of bands like cryptopsy, defeated sanity, krisiun and more.

For more details about the album's track listing, you can visit our page

This new Album is the first album to be released by the label Apostasy Records. Their previous three albums 'Reconquering The Pit (2007) ', 'Gospel Of The Wretched (2009) and 'Mask Of Malice (2012)' success was released by Metalblade Records and very good acclaim from fans.  In anticipation of this album, 'Apostacy Records' have just released a track taken from the second track of the new album titled 'Deathspell Catharsis' which is also the title of their new album and is the mainstay tracks.

A brief history, ' Lay Down Rotten "was formed in 1999, played a lot of oldschool deathmetal elements and combined them with a more modern style.   Incorporating inspired music such as ' Bolt Thrower, At The Gates, Dismember or Entomed ' by placing the elements of the Brutal and melodic arrangements peculiar to Sweden and the US.   Through this idea, ' Lay Down Rotten "was successfully released two demos in 2000-2001, and continues to be the first album entitled ' Paralyzed By Fear ' in 2003 which was released on the label ' Remission Records '.

Turnover of personnel is also plagued the band.  After Bassist ' Johannes Pitz' left the band for reasons related to the job in 2001.   This position was replaced by Bassist ' Uwe Kilian ' and until now.   Time of writing the fourth album titled ' Reconquering The Pit' and  after signing a deal with major label ' Metalblade Records ', Guitarist ' Daniel Benner' resigned due to differences of musical vision.   This position is directly responded to complaints by guitarist 'Nils Förster ' and continue the rest of the job is left by 'Daniel' to record this fourth album.  Recently, guitarist ' Daniel Jacobi ' also resigned because of the busy with his project bands.   Do not take a long time, ' Lay Down Rotten ' choose guitarist 'Daniel Seifert' to work in a phenomenal album release titled ' Mask of Malice ' in 2012.

Line up 2013
Timo "Borgir" Claas :Drums
Uwe "Dr. Vomit" Kilian :Bass
Jost "Little" Kleinert     Vocals    
Nils Förster :Guitars (lead)
Daniel "Kensington" Seifert :Guitars


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