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LOST SOCIETY reveal their second album entitled ' Terror Hungry' in detail

Thrasher from Finland 'Lost Society' recently revealed through the label 'Nuclear Blast Records ' ready to release their second studio album entitled ' Terror Hungry'  4 April 2014.

'Terror Hungry ' produced once again by ' Nino Laurenne ' which also deal with bands such as ' Lordi, Ensiferum or Amorphis ' in ' Sonic Pump studios '.   Fourteen song, full of aggressive and fast thrash riffs from start to finish successfully they prepare.

This young Band is formed in 2010 by guitarist/vocalis ' Samy Elbanna '.   Play Speed and a very aggressive Thrash and as well as being able to bring the style of oldschool thrash make band desirous follow the events 'Global Battle Of the Bands' and proven with the concept of their music are ripe, the band became the winner in the show get rid of 13 other bands.   This of course attracted the attention of the label. 

Until the end, ' Samy ' agreed signed a contract with major label ' Nuclear Blast records ' at the end of October in the year 2012.   'Lost Society' was preparing their debut album titled ' Fast Loud Death ' alongside 'Nino Laurenne' at 'Sonic Pump Studios'.   The Album titled ' Fast Loud Death ' excellent ovation from the fans.

Just remember you how character of their music, we provide a streaming of songs taken from their first album titled ' Bitch, Out' My Way ' which can be heard here.

01. Spurgatory
02. Game Over
03. Attaxic
04. Lethal Pleasure
05. Terror Hungry
06. Snowroad Blowout
07. Tyrant Takeover
08. Overdosed Brain
09. Thrashed Reality
10. F.F.E.
11. Brewtal Awakening
12. Mosh It Up
13. Wasted After Midnight
14. You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll

line up 2014
Samy Elbanna :Guitars, Vocals
Mirko Lehtinen :Bass
Ossi Paananen :Drums
Arttu Lesonen :Guitars 

Oeschstr. 40
73072 Donzdorf
+49 7162 9280-0

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